Great morning @ WB turned bad.

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  1. Got out at 0600 and caught this 40.5" that LureDaddy must have overlooked.



    That was the great part. As it got later, almost noon, things went from scary to ridiculous. I'm trolling north when this guy pulling his kid on skies approaches from my left. He cuts across my bow within 20' and looks at me like I'm doing something wrong. I figure it's time to head for the ramp and start trolling that way. My plan is to hit the end of the south point at Goose and turn right to follow the point north and around the bay. There is another boat trolling heading south along the east side of the island but is no problem as I am far enough ahead to make my turn north. As I do two boats come racing up from behind me one behind the other. The first one decides to gun it and zigzags between me and the other troller while looking at me like I'm stupid. Before I can even turn my head to see what the next guy is going to do he guns his boat and whips right behind me and catches one of my lines in his prop. He hears the clicker screaming and momentarily stops. Then he guns it to follow his @#$#$%$ friends in the first boat and spools me. There goes 150 yds. of 65# PowerPro, some snap weights, and a crank bait. About $40 for me and I hope a lot more for him.
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    Sounds like an average day at the wild wild west. At least these clowns didn't hurt anybody. We really need watercraft laws. Lakes are too crowded not to. Nice fish. That net must be gigoarmic!

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    that power pro could really mess up some seals. most PLEASURE boaters never fail to amaze me at times. glad to hear it was only tackle lost.
  4. Mac...nice fish you got there!

    West Branch certainly has its share of inconsiderate boaters. Between the jet jerks and the "my new boat" boys........I try to avoid weekends.

    It seems that people who fish just treat others better.... with more courtesy.... on the water and at the ramps. For what it's worth, a lot of the knuckleheads disappear after Sept 1.

    Guess most of us have behaved like an idiot at some point in our lives.
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    Nice fish Mac. Too bad you had to deal with the idiots. It seems to me that WB has far more boaters that don't know/care what they're doing than at other lakes. When I fish there early on the weekends I try to be off the water by 10:30 or 11:00. It's just too frustrating to try to stay longer.
    That bay you are talking about, west of Goose, is one of my favorite spots to fish but the skiers just about make it impossible.
    Say hi if you see me on the water (gray Triton crappie boat, gray Yamaha 40, OGF stickers on sides)
  6. I thought about leaving at 1030 before all the yahoos came out. Wish I would have. The only other inland lake around here I've been on during a weekend is Mosquito and it was nothing like WB. Those people just don't have a clue. That or they just don't care. If I see you I will surely stop and say hello Brian. Muskarp, that net is gigoarmic. I lost a 50+ muskie earlier this summer when it yanked my bogagrip right out of my hand. The next day I was at Gander buying that net. lol
  7. Mac, believe it or not the same thing happened to me at West Branch on a Sunday about 10 years ago. Got snagged by a pleasure boaters prop and spooled both rods.

    I've only fished a few Sundays since, usually when its raining.

    Anyway, congratulations on the 40 incher. That is a fine musky!!
  8. Great Fish. Has the water cleared?

    too bad about the tackle. I limit my time to off days/hours at WB June-July-August. In fact, I've only been there twice this summer. It's just too crowded. Had to head up to the bigger water. I miss getting skunked on those muskies, though. LOL.

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    It's not just West Branch. These brain damaged idiots are everywhere on land and on water . I was on Milton yesterday afternoon and there was a ski boat racing around the lake with a radio blaring. Just what one wants to hear while out on the water trying to fish and enjoy nature.
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    I've been pretty lucky on WB I guess.
    I'm out there 1-2 days a week and one of those days are always a weekend. I've anchored in the middle of their speed lanes over a hump and trolled all over the dam area during mid day weekends and never had a problem with $@%$(&) like that.
    I'll be out there tonight in a couple of hours if anyone else is going.
    Then gonna go have a walleye fish fry.
    I hope the guy's seals are ruined.

    Nice fish by the way.
  11. Thanks Lewzer. How did you do the other night?

    MikeC, the water wasn't muddy on the east end, just very green like in the pic.
  12. don't you ever wonder where ODNR is it when you need them? i've almost stopped fishing lake milton and mosquito because of the pleasure boaters. they have no respect for the average guy out enjoying a day off fishing. ODNR and ohio watercraft dept have all the new trucks, and boats but you never see them out patroling the waterways, just them pulling the boat behind their new state owned trucks. i've been in law enforcement since 93 and i've lost almost all respect for the ODNR and ohio watercraft dept. i had one officer check my father and myself twice for a fishing license before we even left the dock at mosquito, come on!! then another time, i had a ohio game warden try arresting me on my familys 300 acre farm for trespassing, what!! both true stories, maybe we should question them when we see all the amish out taking over their legal ammount of fish? just something to think about.
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    I see the ODNR out on the water at West Branch all the time. They had two boats patrolling WB heavily in June and July but I haven't seen much of them in August on that lake.
    As for the fishing license, I insist they check it when they pull me over on the water to check for beer. I have never been asked for my license since I've been fishing but am checked on the boat or shorefishing for alcohol several times a year.
    They need to check for licenses more often, especially shore fishermen at Nimisila.
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    call the ODNR and report the guys... Maybe just a talking to is all they need to realize they were in the wrong... I think most of these guys are just ignorant... We had a guy circle us by the dam about 4 times talking on his cell phone uncomfortably close to us...If i would of been on my old boat he would of captsized us on a day with 2 mph winds...
  15. Lewzer's right. Since about the beginning of August I haven't seen them at all. It's been like Waterworld out there.
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    Hmmmm... I always thought that the reason Watercraft Div. made us carry flareguns on our boats was to deal with these clowns ourselves to save them time....:p

    (Note: I am NOT actually endorsing anyone use their flaregun in this manner. The above statement is made solely in the interest of humor.)