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Great morning on the Darby

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Basskisser1, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. Basskisser1

    Basskisser1 And A Kiss For Good Luck!

    Fished the Big Darby this morning. Caught several on soft craws. One on a rattling chug bug, a couple on zum dingers. My biggest was seventeen inches. I caught a heavy fifteen incher. The fifteen incher had red lesions on it's body and fins. I also caught a five or six pound sheephead.
    There seems to be alot of moss in the creek this year. The hellgramites are hard to find this year in the creek also.
    It was a great morning, I'll be back there in the a.m. Going to a different spot this evening.
  2. Great job on the smallies. There does seem to be a lot of moss but this late in the year always seems bad, its hard for me to really tell if its worse or not. I know I do get tired of pulling moss of my hook all the time.

  3. good to see someone had some luck!! Went out wading in the river below the joining of Big and Little and caught one rock bass. Two of us threw tubes, buzzbates, cranks,spinnerbaits, and everything else we had. We are new to fishing the darby, usuallyt fishing the Scioto for smallies. Not sure if it was the cold front or what. We went out at 9am till11:30.
  4. Nice job. That sounds like a great morning. I'm hoping to get some smallies to cooperate here on the Hocking once the water levels stabilize after the rain.