great morning at griggs 9/25

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  1. so i couldn't fall asleep so i headed out to griggs at 5am. went til about 9:30am.

    i started where the docks were on the top part of the dam then went towards the bridge....went the other way towards the private boat docks then a couple areas below the damn

    i caught about 2 dozen crappie, about 20 smb, about 10-13 bluegills and about 7 fish that looked like a mix between a bass and a not sure what to call it right now.

    used the rapala f7 and reeled it as slow as possible and they all were hitting pretty quickly. then switched over to a small popper green and orange color and those brought in the crappie.

    i do realize that i should get a boat if want to catch some bigger fish lol.
  2. seethe303

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    nah, just gotta know where/when, to go ;)

    sounds like a nice morning!

  3. JamesT

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    64 fish in 4 hours of fishing sounds like a great morning! Doesnt sound like you need a boat. Keep up the good fishing and tight lines.
  4. That fish that looked like a bass and a gill were probably rockbass, Congratulations on a good morning.
  5. I fished there last Sunday morning for about 2.5 hours and had six nice smallies and about a dozen gills. No rock bass though. It is a high pressure area but I have found that people are pretty good about respecting each others fishing areas.