Great Miami River

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  1. Anyone know any good smally holes by Franklin, Miamisburg, or Middletown?

    Anyone catching Smallys right now?
  2. imalt

    imalt Banned

    all the above start walking and you will find them they are in all those areas. nobody is going to give you their hole. cant help you out right now too cold for me

  3. haha i understand. There are some good holes, i went out yesterday the channels are hitting hard right now, no luck for smallys tho. i was watching an outdoorsman show and they said a wacky rig off the bottom would work in these cold temperatures. I may try it out, any luck ill let you all know.
  4. imalt

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    when it gets warmer try coffee tubes and crawdad cranks.
  5. chris1162

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    there is a nice spot over by that thing a mile down from the other thing in miamisburg;)
  6. yeah chris, behind that one place a few yards down from that one spot we hit that one time
  7. cantsleep

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    chris and leftfordead need to stop giving out my spots.:)
  8. I found the spot you all were talking about. Its a gold mine. Thanks so much

    haha lol
  9. depends on what you are fishing for. South of the 122 West Middletown bridge there are a few holes before you get to Trenton. I believe an old railroad tressel once crossed through there. Also, try down by the power plant
  10. imalt

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    give your spots via pm if you want to give them. there are a lot of people on here that just look at the threads and dont contribute anything. just fair warning because no one wants to see 30 people at their favorite hole next time they go.
  11. Don't have any favorite spots just enjoy fishing and helping anyone who is as well. Never been north of 122 bridge so I am not familiar with that part of the river.
  12. GMRcatman

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    Hey Bronzy! I agree with what you say about helping out a fisherman, but even if you aren't giving up your holes you might be giving up someone else's (hint,hint!) I am around the general area you guys are talking about. Maybe we can meet up sometime and fish the GMR together. I am much more apt to give more specific info once I have met someone and they seem on the level. Just my two cents.
  13. catman doesnt even know any spots, or how to catch fish. haha jk
  14. fishymcgoo

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    i used to work out past the colerain area and drove past the gmr. never fished it but i saw easy access. dont want any particular spots but has anyone ever done anygood in that general area?
  15. Ajax

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    I fish that area because it's close to my house. But if you are looking for smallmouth in the area, there are few. Head to Hamilton and north of there for that. The lower secton of the GMR is great for catching white bass and catfish though.