Great Lakes Compact Needs Support Now

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  1. Great Lakes Compact Needs Approved Now

    The document also known as the Great Lakes – St Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact is an important first step in moving ahead in the protection of this resource.

    Quality fresh water supplies throughout the world are dwindling and demands for new sources are growing. Action must be taken now to protect the Great Lakes and St Lawrence River Basin from being tapped as water supplies for other regions and countries.

    The compact will establish a regulatory body and a basic set of guidelines to conserve the water resources within the basin as well as provide specific rules for diversions. It will further provide a basis for an international document with the Canada and the Canadian Provinces.

    We must realize that the Great Lakes are not a limitless resource for supplying water. The fact is only one percent of it is considered a renewable resource. We must utilize it wisely. The balance of our water supply hinges on the residual one time gift from the Ice Age and the melting glaciers.

    Illinois and Minnesota have passed the compact and New York is in the process of working out the details between Senate and House versions. We need to get this issue on the front burner for Ohio’s Legislators. We need to be leaders on this issue.

    Rick Graham
    Vice President Izaak Walton League of America, Ohio Division
    IWLA – National Great Lakes Committee
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