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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ezbite, Sep 23, 2007.

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    it just gets better every year. id like to say it was great to see all those OGF members up getting cash yesterday(maybe me next year). the fish didnt cooperate with me saturday like they had been all week. it goes like that sometime. all the members i met MORE than made up for it. i met so many im sorry if i cant match your name to your face next time i see you, between screen names, real names, nick name.whoo, there were a lots of em this weekend.. i do remember faces and i do remember alot of names. there were many members i saw and didnt get a chance to meet(i could tell by the OGF shirts). next time i will. everyone involved did a great job, i mean EVERYONE:) id like to thank hetfieldinn(steve) for feeding us and putting together the meet and greet. that was special. he is truly a good dude. ok, im done now. it was great to meet all the great members of this site, those i knew and those who i now know. ;)
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    cant wait to get out there next year with you guys---im looking forward to it already

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    This has to be one of the most memorable fishing trips that me and my crew made this year. It was indeed a tough bite, and finding five was never so sweeter.

    The OGF/WBSA members did one hell of a job and pulled it off. Captains Meeting, line-up, check in and weigh in, and can't forget about the food spread wow. Awesome...

    Hetfield you can throw one hell of a party. You were the place to be. Thanks, and I'm glad I made an appearance. Next year I plan on staying in town.

    To all that I met, it was indeed a pleasure and look forward to the Spring bite for our next meeting.

    I've said this once before. Joining this site has to be one of the best things I have done in my life....Getting married having kids were also good:D

  4. Ruminator

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    Thanks Tom, for starting this thread.
    Tom, I enjoyed meeting your mom, and would have liked to have talked longer.
    I really enjoyed talking with both of you.

    Dave (harle), likewise, its been a while since meeting you.

    I totally agree about the food spreads from Het and everyone who also contributed their food and time.
    BROTHER B, you who cooked all that walleye Friday night, it was great! :B Thanks man! And your kielbasa... Mmmmm...Mmmmm!! !%

    Great idea Het! And your girlfriends potato salad was very much apprecated! ;)

    I really enjoyed meeting newer members like Dan(Commodore64) and Tom(forgot your screenname) :eek: ; and talking with you Friday night.

    There's no doubt that putting on the Hawg Fest is a ton of work, but SO WORTH IT!!

    Seeing guys pitch in to help get work done is so cool, and SO APPRECIATED! THANK-YOU GUYS!!

    SteelheadBob, Moron, Capt. Muskey and first mate, BKR, Sowbelly, KMB, and many more; a heart-felt thanks guys!

    My personal thanks to the Hawg Fest team made up of staff from OGF and the WBSA!!
    Marc, Chris, Matt, Kim, Brandon ~ Thank-you for ALL of your time, and work!!
    Your year's worth of "pre-event" work really does show through - by how well it all comes together at crunch time.

    It is so great being a part of such an awesome group!