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Great first day out.

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TexasRigged, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. TexasRigged

    TexasRigged Lover of all things wet.

    Well I finally got to hit the water today. Waded the little walnut. I fished for about 1.5 hours and got 2 smallies, both of which were over 18"!!! Couldnt believe my eyes. The second one was pushing 19". Sure was a great day. Caught both of em with a white rooster tail. I do have a question though. On the second smallie I happened to notice that on his very bottom fins on his belly he seemed to have some sort of very small larvae of some kind crawling around. Tons of em. Some light colored some dark. Kinda looked like really small slugs or something. Anyone konw what they would be?

  2. how warm was the water?

    where abouts do you fish little walnut, every place it runs around here seem too shallow to fish
  3. TexasRigged, you caught on the first day out in 1.5 hrs. larger fish than some will catch all year! Do you have any photos of the fish showing the parasites?
  4. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    nice fish for that creek :cool: (anywhere for that matter)
    snatch,i'd guess it was in the canal area,as his location is listed there.i used to wade that area several years ago,and there were/are,some nice holes in that stretch.caught some nice smallies,but none that size.
  5. TexasRigged

    TexasRigged Lover of all things wet.

    I know, I was floored when I caught the first one and simply in awe when i caught the next one out of the same hole 4 or 5 casts later. Yes it was in the Canal Winchester area, dont want to give all my secrets away ;) I wish I would have taken the camera but seriously I had no plans on catching fish, let alone those hogs I caught. I just wanted to wade a small creek because I had bought me some waders last year and had never been yet. Not sure of the temperature, wasnt too bad on me legs.
  6. Nice smallies man. I cant wait to do some wading in the Big Darby for some smallies. Never caught any that big though, nice catch. I have caught fish with those small parasites on them also but still dont know what they are.
  7. Could be a parasite called pentasomids??not a nematode but sometimes confused with them? they have a brown cast to them,similar to what you described.Google search and see a pic of them.
  8. I have fished that strech in the past a couple of times when I used to live up that way. I hooked something one time on a small jig that I couldnt even turn. Eventually busted me in a log jam.
    Good Job on the smallies, I would consider that a real trophy especially in that creek.

  9. I always thought those were small leeches. They get them from sitting on the bottom all winter and not moving much. By the end of april you wont see them with any on them because they will be active and they will fall off. have seen ones before that have them all over their bottom and in their gills. I usually try to know them off but they come off just from them swimming around. Great Job on the smallies!!!

  10. Mushijobah

    Mushijobah Urban Angler

    Little Walnut has some nice fishies huh :D ;) . I also have problems with parasites in that creek. The reason there are so many in there is due to its high fertility. I once had a smallie that had worms throughout it's muscle tissue...thats where catch and release is a great idea.