Great evening Smallie Action!!

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  1. Myself and buddy Mike hit a river in Delaware county where we have been getting some nice smallies. Was great evening of fishing but water has dropped greatly in tempature from a few days ago. Waded with just shorts by dark was just a little nippy:) We started out with top water and was getting alot of 10-12" smallies and some whopper Rock Bass. After fishing a hole top water Mike decided to try a jig and small black yellow twister. 2 cast later a 13-14" Smallie jumps off. Couple cast later after i just mentioed there gotta be a big one in there,Mike sets the hook on a chunky 17" that put on a power show long hard runs with no jumps. Took picture and put her back. Well Mike you got me this time on size but i whooped you on quanity:p Right at dark we hit a good hole and both had nice smallies on at same time before jumping off. Biting critters about carried us away so we got out of there fast. Wished we would have got on river earlier in afternoon fish were real active when we first got on water. Front came thru and topwater bite dropped way off. But jigs were working good after that. All in all was just nice night out on a really great smallmouth stream. Here is mike fish![​IMG]
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    Glad you guys did well :) :confused: . Got out to a few of my fav. spots tonight for a couple hours, only to get one dinky smallie. This front did a number on my honey-holes :mad:

  3. I tried the topwater bite the other night as well with little luck, I didnt fish until after dark and the weather was no doubt cooler, managed a couple dinks and lost a couple but nothing to brag about.
  4. yea i think the cold front did mine in too..i hit the river up for about 2.5 hours last night and had 4 dinks and the only nice one i hooked jumped and spit the hook.
  5. When we first started top water was good but they would not hit lure moving fast or moderate. I put a pop-r on and would cast acrossed stream would have to let ripples disappear and instead of popping it i would lightly pull it just enought to make tail raise up let it set 5-6 seconds and do it again they would slam it as you restarted it. But as said as soon as the front blew thru real hard it was pretty much it. i tried for awhile then swithed to a minnow crank with a little sucess and then to jig which worked really well. Most fish were caught in the front of hole in the faster water or right off the edge of moving water.
  6. yea thats is where i caught all mine in the fast water or right off the side and in that spot i usually catch in the still water on the rocks..i tried a mini buzz yesterday and had several strikes but nothing hard and they where short strikin it...i had success with a white jig...well 4 dink and one miss success anyways haha...sounds likebout the same type of bitethough
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    Nice fish. I went out last night anddid poor. 3sm and a rockbass total between 3 people. Glad someone did well.
  8. I have had the same issues with short strikes myself, the other night the 2 that I caught got a trebble in the mouth and them one in the side, almost like they were making quick half hearted runs and then getting stung.
  9. i killed em at the end of last summer and into fall on the mini black buzz huge blowups and vicious strikes alot of the times i was out early in the am....this fall has been alot of that shortstrikin and alot of misses...the popr slim gotem with is prob the better choice i would think..stayin in the strike zone longer and two trebles to hookem with...i just havent had any big blowups alot lately and lazy small strikes at the buzz. so i been using jigs more often than usual for this time of year.
  10. I will have to try the pop-r next time out and maybe a jig as well, I have had fair success with the pop-r on LM, any suggestions on a color for jigs.
  11. The jig were black head or chartruese with a 3" black and yellow striped twister and i had a chartruese with red flake in it more motor oil looking or watermelon. Just slow reeled thru the current.
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    I made it out yesterday for the first time since July. We fished for smallies on a Delaware county river and only caught 2 dinks. It was nice just to get the canoe out for a few hours. I think that front slowed the fish down quite a bit. Nothing on topwater and got our couple fish on jigs.

  13. Thank You Sir.
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    They seemed to be hitting fast moving baits for me, nada on tubes or senkos, but I didn't have much time to mess around either. Just went outside sunday am, temp 44, summers gone, fall is here, not ready for a long winter yet.