Great Day on the Hoga

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  1. Hit the hoga today and had by far my best day of the year. Landed 30+ bass with probably 10 over 17". Here are some pictures of some of the bigger ones of the day. Also landed a carp that weighed in the mid to upper teens that hit a white jig/twister tail so that was fun. It got an early release at my feet before i could get a picture. Pumpkin and Watermelonseed tubes were the hot bait all day.

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  2. Nice fish. Bet the carp was fun too.

  3. Had a great day also on the river a lil ways down from where you were fishing. Just working the holes and runs using the same colored tubes as you. Suprised by your pics, doesn't seem to be too much pressure at that hole today. I'll be happy once they finally knock that down. I was up there two weeks ago and it was making me sick seeing the bucket guys walking out with smallies. Also, seems that I am catching a lot of largemouth this year on the river. Couple of trips out I have caught more large mouth than smallmouth.

    I want to get a kayak next year becuase there is a lot of water on that river that I can't get to with waders and would like to try. Good luck.
  4. nice! very impressed.
  5. That's disgusting.
  6. I agree, keeping river smallies is just flat out stupid- tell those guys to go to a 'gill farm pond and have their fun.

    Great pics man, and even better fishing! congrats!
  7. Yah, I saw three other people there and i fished from 12:30 to 5. I refuse to fish there on the weekends for those exact reasons. And I have also been surprised by the number of largemouth I have been catching out of there and by the quality of the fish. I had two largemouth over 3lbs yesterday. Until this year I have never had these kind of numbers with largemouth I wonder what the reason is.
  8. Wow what a day. I've been unable to hit the rivers in the last two weeks, glad to see everyone is not missing out on the action. It's a sad day when bucket fishermen are graced with the presence of a river smallie, I read it could take eight years for fish to reach 17 inches.
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    Sweet catches man. Tubes do it again!
  10. I would love to try fishing there. I've never tried it before. I'm not asking anyone to give up their spots, but does anyone have any suggestions on where to go. I live in the Akron area. Thanks
  11. Really nice fish, anth, congrats! The hoga is only going to get better! We need to keep the pressure for removal of the dams. It will be a great day when the gorge dam finally comes down. Some many other kinds of fish to keep besides smallies, maybe there will be a release only season like in erie?

    Needaboat: Try going to cascade valley metro park, just watch out for the CSOs on rainy days, unless youre interested in "brown trout".
  12. I miss N.E Ohio.Used to fish the Hoga all the time when I lived in Stow..Nice fish...
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    Hey, you were standing on my rock when you caught those fish.
    Get off my rock.

    :p :p :p