great day on the GMR

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  1. went fishing yesterday with my wife and her niece and my sister in law at the GMR in Middletown, fishing some flood water off the main river and as usual my wife's niece and sister had to make it a competition, so it was me and my wife against niece and sister in law, we was fishing with nightcrawlers and chicken livers, we ended up winning 16 channel cats for us to 14 channel cats for them all with 2 1/2 hours none were real large the biggest being 5 lbs ( caught by my wife...of coarse) and the smallest about 8 inches being caught by me ( big surprise ), my wife is a great fisherwoman walking through the mud, the mud almost sucking her shoes off and she never complained once the only times she complained was when i wasn't baiting her hook fast off to my wife....she is the GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!.............................................Mike

    all fish were released unharmed to fight another day.
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    Good going Mike, glad you could get out!

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    sounds like a great time, good job
  4. just got back from another spot on the main river and caught 10 in a little over 2 hours, they are biting like crazy........Mike