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Great Day on GMR!

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by SConner, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. SConner

    SConner Fish Whisperer

    Went wading with a friend today on GMR for about 6 hours. We caught about 20 fish with 7 different species - Smallmouth, Largemouth, Catfish, Saugeye, Pike, Perch, and Bluegill. The pike was just shy of 30" but very skinny. Most smallies were in 10-12" range but we did manage a couple in the 13-14" range. Great day, had lots of fun! Below is link to smallie and pike.
  2. That's awesome! If you didn't have the picture I wouldn't have believed ya about the pike! Mind if I ask where and what you were using? I'm always keeping an eye out for some good pike fishing and I never would have thought they'd be on the GMR.

  3. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    Great day indeed. I must try this GMR sometime. Does it have flathead cats in it?

    I'm having an attack, I needs me a flathead, BAD :D
  4. The GMR is loaded with flatheads, especially the lower stretches...
  5. SConner

    SConner Fish Whisperer

    NKU SigEp - We were targeting smallies with Rebel craws when pike was caught. Fishing about 30 miles north of Dayton. I do not target northern, but have caught 4 this year and my buddy has 1, so population is decent.

    Chuck P - stick with Young Whiskers advice on the catfish. I really don't have a clue how to catch big cats. Based on previous post, I'd say Young Whiskers and his friends are very good at this.
  6. Nice Perch!!! Didn't realize they were in there.
  7. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    man ive gotto say that is the ugliest pike ive ever seen !!! it looks diseased......dont they get anything to eat in there ??:p

    CONGRATS on a great day of river fishing !! :D
  8. shadesplace

    shadesplace Game Champion

    Nice Pike. Do you ever fish the GMR around west carrollton to UD arena? Any good fishing spots along there? I never tried the river. I always drive to CC to fish.

    Congrats on a great catch.
  9. SConner

    SConner Fish Whisperer

    tcba1987 - I agree, that pike looked a little anorexic, but it fought ok. All the other Pike we have caught here looked fine. Don't know why this was so skinny. Still a very nice catch in southern Ohio.

    Shadesplace - I have never fished the river that far south, so have no idea were spots are down there.
  10. First report of a yellow perch in this part of the GMR is a long time. Very nice. Was a spot in Piqua we caught some about 5 years ago. None since.

    I always heard reports of Pike being caught there in Troy from the guy who runs the bait shop there on south 25A. Every year he said people were catching them there.
  11. The GMR has great numbers of fish. I have not seen any Pike in this pool for a couple years. I would say they are there. I know people that fish the dam by Rte. 4 and 75 split. They say that is where to target Pike in the Dayton area. I have caught some nice Smallies there. I have even caught a couple real nice crappie in the pool between the UD dam and West Carrollton dam. If your in West Carrollton/U.D. area you need to fish below the dams. The dam by the power station is really good. The Dam at the river corridor in West Carrollton is constantly being hammered. Its gets pretty crowded. The water quality is improved and the fish are flourishing. Glad to see the Perch are making there way back.
  12. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    Man,that river is SICK w/ fish! I've lost track of the # of 3-4lb smallies I've gotten this yr.Hooked one that broke me off while I was using 12lb test line...never saw it but hit and fought like a smallie.Might have been a cat but it hit in fast water so I'm stickin' w/ smallie.
    I use only artificials and I caught a nice flattie of 14 lbs a few yrs back.
    Lots of saugeyes this yr too,most 16-22",best from the river was a 27 1/2".
    Most of the pike come from one tributary,sorry can't say which. That crik has more pike than the river.
    Re; catching pike by the 4/75,I'd have to disagree,there are much better places to hook a pike on that river,they don't like fast water like you find by the dam,slower pools are better,esp w/ structure like wood.
    The pike in the pic looks like it has a bad worm infestation. Tape worms will tap them out no matter how much they eat. The pike Ive seen in the gmr are as healthy as the rest of the fish from that river but have'nt seen one over 3'.
  13. Muskie Hunter

    Muskie Hunter All Species Trophy Hunter

    The GMR is incredible; the biodiversity is awesome. The only species of fish that I haven't seen or heard caught recently is the muskie. I have read from the ODNR that the highest concentration of smallmouths in the state is in the GMR in the Sidney, Oh area. The river has tons of 2-3 pound smallies. If an angler can't catch 50 smallies in a day drifting a boat/canoe south of Sidney to Troy; he/she probably does not have their lure in the water.

    The upper GMR is a very good pike fishery for numbers. I fish mainly the Quincy area, and rarely have a trip that I don't see a pike or two. I fish Indian Lake quite a bit too, and know many people that catch a few pike below the spillway. So, it seems the river has very good numbers from just south of Indian Lake all the way down to Dayton. I have not heard of any reports south of Dayton, but I am sure they are there in some numbers. Pike are more prevalent in the deeper pools, slower moving water. I have caught them near dams, just outside heavy current areas, esp. around eddy's.

    I have heard of quite a bit of perch caught between Quincy and Degraff; this is a deeper water area, and it is only 12 or so miles south of Indian Lake, so makes sense this area would have a good number of perch. I have caught some very large crappie in this area too.

    The river is a great fishery.

    Good fishing,
  14. thanks for the reports guys. i live in milford, which is southeast of cincinnati and it sounds like i need to make a trip to the upper gmr. i have a canoe. can any of you help me with good places to launch and pull out? are there any canoe liveries in that area? i have an open seat in the canoe if any of you would like to show me the area. thanks in advance for the help.
  15. Is the fish in the GMR edible now I remember as a young child, the river was considered polluted and you were told not to eat out of it.
  16. There are numerous liveries. One is at the Tipp Elizabeth Rd bridge in Tipp City.

    I like to put in at the Rt 41 Bridge in troy (west side of bridge is easier to put in) and float down to Tipp Elizabeth or Ross road bridge. A good 2 day trip (camp on the river) is Rt 41 bridge to Taylorsville dam. (no spillways in between)

    Just north (upstream) of Rt41 is the Troy spillway, you could put in there, but its a pretty decent walk from parking (along railroad) to the water, but could be done.

    Be prepared to GET OUT of your canoe, some of the rapids can be treacherous. Often I will beach the canoe upstream of rapid, float the canoe through the rapid with a rope, and then hop back in. (Of course I'm in a heavy, slow, and unmaneuverable scanoe, so maybe normal canoes can steer through) 20 years of fishing the GMR has resulted in getting flipped twice. Laydowns (strainers) laying across narrow sections of the river, right after a sharp turn, and there was nothing to do but hold onto gear. Luckily both times no one was hurt, we hopped back in the scanoe and paddled quickly to the car before getting too cold.

    I'd like to fish the quincy/degraff area, if anyone knows of good places to put in and pull out, speak up! ;)
  17. Personally I am more worried about fish I get out of the grocery store. Studies that I have read show that water quality and stress on farm raised fish causes much more toxicity than fish caught out of natural bodies of water.