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Great Day O-Tangy met an OGF member!

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by brhoff, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Started at 6:15 hit a small hole and a small SM on the first cast. Lost a much bigger one on the third cast, got 2-3 Rock Bass and then turned a Carp with a Fly only to jerk it away...

    Couple hours later really got into a pool I wanted to fish slowly, here come a couple guys...they look a little disappointed that I was right int he pool pulling out rock bass BUT they were extremely courtious, passing with great care, chatting a they pass. I miss another big SM.

    Another fellow comes up, sees me, crosses over and very, very slowly starts back through the pool...again...extreme edicate. I spot the Hat and we start chatting, end up hitting some Rockies for quite a while...the fishing slowed a bit but the company inspired me to keep on.

    Live2Fish is a great fly caster and conversationalist, hope more members run into him...great guy!

    Live2Fish, after we parted ways. I hit that pool down further and hooked one of those Carp...took my little Crayfish w/ chain bead and my tippett! I was going to hollar up to you as I would need a witness but it roared off.

    Hit a few dink smallies down that way as well BUT on the way back up nailed a 12" SM, 6-7 more Rockies and a 10" Crappie off that point you warmed up for me while we were yakking...about 10 casts and 8-9 fish in a spot the size of a dinner plate couldn't beleive it...then they turned off again.

    Anyhow, there are good people on the river and today made up for some of the punks along the way....
  2. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    sounds like a fun day. Me and my dad got out to the Darb, and watched the whole storm build. it was pretty cool, got no fish, fished for about an hour made about 15 cast lol, watched those clouds, heard on the Walkie Talkie there was a Nadder watch so i was not to foucused on fishing. Shinners were hitting saw 1 smallie (Small)

    Glad you had a good day though.
    Get out this weekend.

  3. brhoff it was great to meet you. Let me know when you plan on hitting that area again. I can't believe in all the years I have fished the Olentangy I have never hit that section of the river. It is fly fishing paradise.

    When I arrived back at my "exit point" there were a father and son waiting on me. The son is working on a fly fishing and tying merit badge for the Boy Scouts. I told him to get his rod and showed him a couple ways to cast and how to work some of his flys, he only had a few, and gave him some of my flys. We worked the pool below the little rip-rap and he caught three rock bass and two smallies one being 11-3/4". He, and his dad, were thrilled. I spent about 45 minutes with them and then we all left. They thanked me for the flys and taking the time to instruct the son. The son caught on quick, he will be a good angler, and now the father wants to take up fly fishing.

    It was a very good day indeed. Like I stated before, let me know when you plan on fishing there again. If the water levels stay decent I might go back Sunday morning for a little while.

    OGF chiefs - have you ever considered do a button? Some that could be attached to a vest or hat that might be recognizable from about 20-25 foot?
  4. not looking for a specific, but what general area are you finding fish in there? how deep is the river right now?
  5. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Not really, but we have some great looking shirts that show the TEAM OGF on both front and back:p
  6. Basscheeks - the water is way down right now (unless last nights rain brought it up again). The rock bass I caught were mainly under trees in a foot of water or less. The smallies were sitting in 1-1/2 to 2 foot of water with heavy amounts of rocks around.

    I have a shirt Dale but it is white and I'm funny about wearing white while wading. I always try to wear very neutral colors. No big deal...just wondering.
  7. I was on the 'Tangy Wednesday a.m., also. Saw a string of 4 Carp that looked like they were mating and could not get them interested in anything, but it turned out to be an omen. I was tossing a #6 homemade Peacock Clouser (Hurl body and tail with white bucktail top and bottom) and caught a few Rockies and 3 SM dinks. As with Live2Fish, I only caught one fish farther than 12" from the rocks. I was using my 3 wt. and had just downsized to 4X tippet when I hooked a good fish. My first thought was a good SM, but then it made a 50 yard run upstream followed by one almost as long downstream and I knew I had a Carp on. After a good 20 minutes I got it into some shallow water and was able to pop out the hook without lifting the fish. Both of us sat there catching our collective breath. I estimated the fish to be about 17-18" and in the 5 pound class. What a great battle! I'm hoping this rain turns them on a little more, I'll be out there again this eveing and tomorrow morning.
  8. Hey if that Carp had a 3x tippett about 12" and an olive green, bead chain eye, raggedy, crayfish imitation in size 8..please return it.

    That little fly was really cleaning up for me...tied some more but none have that chewed look like that one aquired.

    I'll let you keep the tippett piece!