Great day/night on the GMR :: 7-24 ::

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by XL506, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Went to the GMR ( Tipp City area ) today and fished for smallies. Caught 4, biggest was about 15in, and rest were around 12. Then before dark we caught a couple gills and decided to catfish. About 2 hours roll by, and after 3 clicker runs I catch 3 channels ( no flatties but oh well ). Would had more pics untill we didnt realize we had a camera on our phone on the last channel ( Which weighed 8LBs). This pic came off a camera phone so the quality isnt that good. ( also caught a ton of rockbass )

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    Nice job finding some fish and taking a pic with the camera phone at night. Keep the reports coming!

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    wheres the pic of the 8 pounder? I see the 3 pounder....just wondering
  4. lol lmr. That channel weighed 8LBs, Gods honest truth ( I should have snapped a pic of its belly ). But, the guy I was fishing can vouch for me, we weighed it on the scale and it weighed 8LBs, it was a fat thick channel. I can grope a 3LBer with one hand to take the hook out. And Im 6ft3 265Lbs and I got big hands and I had to gill this one lol