great american ballpark raises concession prices

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by iam20fan, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. 7.00/beer
    4.25/bottled water
    3.75/ bag of peanuts
    these are just a few i have heard.
  2. Prices should have dropped since no one will be on the juice anymore. As long as people are stupid enough to spend it they will sell it. I miss Marge more every year.

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    Go Reds! I never buy anything when I go to the games so it will not effect me.
  4. It's always something. But the ticket prices should drop sooner than last year. They always find a way to keep fans away.
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    Personally I don't understand the whole professional sports thing. Believe me I enjoy watching a good game, but to get tickets for the family, pay for parking, buy snacks and maybe a souvenir or two could end up costing a few hundred bucks easy. I just don't have that kind of money to throw around at something I could just as easily watch on the TV.

    I figured sooner or later the high prices would start to deter the fan attendance and support - but I guess I'm wrong. Throngs of people still buy tickets no matter what the price and pay 7 bucks for a beer. Meanwhile their "heroes" are paid millions of dollars, live in posh palaces, drive several exotic sports cars and then threaten to strike because they aren't being adequately compenstated?!??!?

    To each their own I guess. :D
  6. i only buy one thing when i go and thats those frosty like things lol, but those prices are a bit redicilous...and watching a game in the AC can be more enjoyable sometimes...
  7. I would say dont buy while your there to...but 3hrs+ in the summer heat is a long time to go without water, I have wanted to take my son to a game for a couple years(and I guess I will still take him) but boy you figure they could be a little more reasonable on prices.
  8. Its a crime, They have you trapped inside so they screw you on the food and beverage prices. I've been going to Cavs games (12-15) for the past month or month and a half but I vowed after the 2nd game that I was gonna eat at a restraunt downtown before I went to the game. As a result I am getting way better food and saving money because the only thing I purchase at the games are pops for my girlfriend and I. The first game I went to I bought peanuts and almost wanted to cut myself when I went home for still paying for them even after I saw the crazy prices, the peanut purchase still dont sit right with me today.

    Heres another one...
    I dont drink, at most i'll have 4-5 beers anually. A group of 6 of us went to Blossom to see Tom Petty and everyone was drinking beer but me so I was thirsty and asked everyone what they wanted because I was going to buy a pop..Long story short I got stuck paying $43.00 for 5 beers and a pop, Beer was $8.00 each.
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    Man, I had better hurry on down's been a while since I last had a $7 beer. :rolleyes:
  10. yeah the rasied food and beverage prices plus the raised online transaction fees are terrible. Ohwell i will still be down there today... look behind home plate for an irate fan in a red griffey jersey.
  11. That $7.00 beer is still cheaper than the beer at the new Tigers stadium. I had an $8.00 beer there last year. It isn't just sporting events - it's concerts and the movie theatre. At the price of popcorn, candy, and soda - they would probably charge $8.00 for a beer as well.

    Like the gas stations, where they make little on the gas and profits come in the convenience store, the tickets pay the salaries and the food and bevs make the profits. There was a time when we could carry non-alcohol plastic bottles into events (and even some alcoholic bevs moved to 2-liters for outdoor concerts), but now have to buy the water at over $2.00 bucks a pop.
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    Just get some Diamond Seat tickets and all the food and drinks are free (including the gourmet buffet... mmmm)
  13. How much are the diamond seats though???
  14. Steel Cranium is right...It's not just sporting events. Took the kids to Ringling Bros. circus a few weeks ago and, I must say, the circus was sensational. (Take your kids if you get the chance). BUT...

    Cotton Candy - 9 dollars
    popcorn - 9 dollars
    small hand held whirling light up toy - 20 dollars
    pop - 6 dollars

    I never even checked the prices of dogs and burgers, but I heard a Dad complaining a few rows down that he just bought 3 hot dogs and fries and drinks and it cost him 40 dollars.

    Are you friggin' kidding me???

    Good fishin'

  15. Last I knew they were about $225 a seat. :eek: I would like to sit there but I guess I don't like my team enough to fork out that much money. :D
  16. diamond seats are 250 a piece if i remember correctly
  17. Even with $250 a seat I bet they would cut you off if you were trying to get your moneys worth.
  18. Heres what you do, stock up on the bottle water on the way in. 1.00 a bottle, just do not remove the cap until you get in or you will not be able to take it in.

    Look out for dollar hot dog days as well, cannot beat a one dollar hot dog. We went down last year when the Giants came to town to heckle Bonds, ate our weight in hot dogd and got sick. The temps were the highest they have had at the ballpark in years, we were miserable. We got to heckle Barry a bit though, so it was worth it.

    There is also supposed to be an all you can eat section this year, that includes drinks dogs and popcorn/peanuts. They deignated two new sections this year, one is the all you can eat deal and the other is the family section with no alcohol allowed. I have seen tix for the family section but not for the food section.

    You better bring some cashola if you plan to eat supper at the game thats for sure.
  19. they dont cut you off... its well worth it
  20. last season i went to the 2nd home game of the year and i got a 12 pack of bud through the gates,hiding it in my coat. it also snowed that game