Greasing and Lubricating reel.

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  1. Ok, I have a baitcasting reel (bps extreme) and many spinning reels. My question is, what parts do you grease and what do you oil? I have no idea at all. Actually i really have no idea how to get at the inside of my baitcaster either. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Bearings get oil and gears get grease. The exception is the worm gear on a baitcaster that drives the level wind. That gets oil because it is exposed and grease will collect too much dirt. Note: most all of them come from the factory with grease on the level wind because they figure 90% of the users will never oil.

  3. Hey, MS when your are done for the season dont forget to loosen your drags on your reels before storing for the winter, they can sometimes lock up and you don't want that. Just another tip for maintaining your gear.
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    hey Larry,
    Question if your using hotsauce or rocket fuel is there areas that you wouldnt use it??

    Also i have bout used up my supply of Leeabu spinnerbugs for 07':D
    think i am down to 2 and they are tied on right now :B
    took a 5lb. channel on one saturday and it didnt fair too well

    supppp chris!!
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    The extreme is a really nice reel!
    You will not be disapointed.
    Be sure to clean your reel out once a year.
    It will last you a long time!
  6. I use Hot Sauce only on ball bearings. I use abu sliicote on everything else that I oil. Not only the drag needs loosened at the end of the year, also the backlash control knob.