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Grant Applications

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by atrkyhntr, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Howdy All...
    I am wondering who, at some of our larger in state Universities, could I contact to see about them getting a grant for a study I have been tossing around? I am looking to have a study done on fish movement and over harvest by commercial fishermen in the Ohio river basin.
    Anyone who is going to school now could maybe point me in that direction by asking around their University.
    THANKS in advance
  2. crankus_maximus

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    I don't know what university this guy landed at, but my wife studied underr a guy in her undergraduate program that studied wolves in Minnesota and Wisconsin and now I think he is in Kentucky studying black bears. I can try and get a name and e-mail for you, but I can't make any promises. I know for sure he's the type of guy you want to talk to. He is the real McCoy. His last name is Unger.

  3. I know that UC owns land along the Ohio River (I think that NKU has land as well), and conducts some type of research. I would just start by calling the main campus, and I’m sure that Eventually you will be talking to the right person.
  4. UDAMAN...
    Any help at all... THANKS

    I am looking to have a study done on the movement and habits of trophy catfish on the ohio river and the affects that commercial fishing may have on them. With the info I'd like to pettition the state to place slot limits and daily possesion limits on same...
  5. Calling is out of the question to find somneone I was laid off Monday must save funds... Email would work ;)
    Better would be someone who already attends those Universities and could look someone in the eye then get the contact info :D
  6. Pike


    I believe that email would be the best way to contact a Prof. or department head in this day and age. Good Luck.
  7. Most of that type work will be done with government agencies and not universities. First i would contact the ohidnr and kentucky dnr, and the USGS and try to get any and all data that they keep on these species. It is all public information and they should offer it up freely. goodluck sifting through it though, i've done this with the EPA and they usually leave boxes of data on a table and tell you to go at it. They should have charts at least on their electrofishing surveys which could at least give you an idea if levels have fallen over the years. At my university we do have one fisheries biologist but she works primarily with fish genetics and almost all her work is concentrated on lake erie for obvious reasons. She was quoted on the bluepike thread a few weeks ago so i thought that was funny. It'd be really hard to get a professor to take you up on that because the process of writing grants can take a year or more and the money that it would take to do a comprehensive survey on the ohio river watershed would extremely high and probablly take multiple universities signing on to receive enough money. On top of that you're looking at at least 2 years of setup and planning before sampling would occur. At least speaking for my department i can say that it wouldn't happen but i know ohio state does have and ichthyology department and there are other schools with more "fish centered" departments.
  8. The ODNR will offer a grant to do the study but will not become involved in same...
    Grants are not automatic there must be a need shown that would benifit the public and I think this one would...
  9. flathunter

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    Go get um Clyde!!!!..You are doing alot of work on this issue!

    With you being off work you should have all the laws in effect by next spring!

    Just kidding!
  10. The big problem is the cost of tranducers to track fish cost several hundred dollars a piece. Their time varies, along with the range they can be tracked, and all that in tied into price. Then you have to have yourself a sample size big enough to tag and get them relatively all at the same time. So getting say 40 trophy cat tagged within a week of each other from say the same pool. Then youve gotta have people tracking year round, so thats at least 2 people running up and down the river. Youre looking at easily a 3-4 year study for minimal data and probably 40-50K on that. ODNR grants top out at 10 K to individuals/private/public etc.

    The fact that there is a commercial fishery too means there's most likely data indirectly pointing to what you are looking for. I would think the other Ohio River states have it, since they really control the river and in general do alot more work on it than ODNR does.

    My guess is that someone has already dont studies tracking catfish, trophy fish, and impacts from variuos types of harvest. In fact in the last two weeks I've seen multiple presentations from students at the school I wil be attending soon about movment of lake sturgeon, and various studies on bass and angler and tourney effect. I would do some heavy googling of the internet for studies on habitat useage and movement becuase they have been done and done on most every game fish and then some. A good thing to Google is "Fishery & Wildlife Co-op Units". Those are schools that have large fishery programs in conjunction with USGS. My guess is that you will find your studies in a southern school, like Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas, or central, like Oklahoma, Missouri. Those all have heavy fishery programs. If you can get yourself to a University library I am sure you can find alot of the info too, because alot of it will be in unpublished theses.
  11. Ask around see what you can dig up maybe these students already know of a completed study or where to look for same...
    THANKS in advance
  12. I should have asked the TWRA guys that were down there, although for the most part I believe they were enforcement and not fishery related. I am sure they have studies too you could ask for to see how they got to their slot limits as well as any other state that has them. I will keep an eye and ear open to specific catfish stuff once I am down there and working.
  13. THANKS man...
    I could use some contacts if you can get some email addy's... Maybe someone can point me in the right direction...
    I did the google search OVERWELMING to say the least and a great idea...
  14. This link might be of interest (originally posted by downtown on the Ohio River board). The PDF refers to 5 years of information gathering. I don’t know what type of data they were gathering, but they proposed a change in their Blue Catfish stocking/regulations. There might be some useful information if you can find a contact in WV?
  15. I saw that link it was the 1st one that came up on the google search...