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    Last week our grandaughter had a pretty good day of fishing. This week it was Ty's turn. We went to a local stream for some smallmouth fishing. Ty started it out catching his biggest ever, a nice 18 incher. It hit a fluke he had let drift through some ripples. It took him a few minutes to get it in. It jumped a few times and made some nice drag pulling runs.

    He got one more on a fluke then switched to buzzbait. He ended up with 5 on the buzzer. The kid was possessed. Later in the morning with the sun beating down, he saw an area he wanted to hit. He waded over there and slammed two in a row. I think he's got buzzbait fever now!!

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    Ty got Buzzbait fever :p

    ......they make pills for that!!


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    I remember seeing that pic in the gallery and thinking "that kid is hooked for life"

    Nice fish ;)
  4. There is nothing better than seeing a child's face when catching a fish. Well done!

    I am the Naturalist at Delaware SP and each week I have a fishing program there at the Marina for the youth. Today an Asian-American family came with their two little girls. Fishing was slow, even tho we usually only catch bluegill and sunfish about the size of a minnow but today was different. Right towards the end of the hour of fishing the mother and girl, she couldn't of been older than 5 years old, shouted they had a fish on. I look over and see the pole doubled over and I knew it was going to be a big fish. The little girl landed a 14'' LM bass (largest fish caught all Summer) on an old rusty Zebco closed reel under a bobber with a night crawler. Only if you could have seen the expression on this little girls face along with the other children and their parents. It was really priceless. tight lines MP
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  6. Topwater bass fishing is hard to beat, congratulations to the grandson.