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  1. ?Is it good fishing when the river is at 3.5 or under? Just need alittle help with a good starting point and lure or bait this time year

  2. Try surfing some of the older posts, Jig and maggots are always good, fresh spawn, ect. There are also some websights that can be very helpful in tips for catching steelies.
  3. Thanks for the reply
  4. Wait till the grand comes down a bit, some of the tribs might fish before the big river comes down!

    I think the rain spiked some of the rivers out that way!
  5. Drove be the grand today. A few guys were in it but I wouldn't go, still high.
  6. fishing pole

    fishing pole Off the beaten path

    If they were wading it today at 3500 CFS they were fighting for their lives. You should have thrown them a life ring. 3500 CFS is downright dangerous and chocolate!!!!
  7. I live only a few miles from masons landing. I see dumb people all the time. Oh well.