grande river walleye

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  1. i was reading ohio game and fish and they were talkn about walleye run at maumee and sandusky and mentioned grand river also. was wondering if they run there to. iv fished steelhead for years there and never heard a peep about catchn walleye in the spring. jus wondered thanks.
  2. Very few. There was a fair run in the 1970s/1980s that would produce some crowds and walleye, but it seems to be nothing but a few stragglers recently - not enough to go after unless you're fishing with baits that steelies would also hit.

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    Agreed...I've seen a few nice ones pulled on jig and twister tail, but the Grand is snag heavy...not a great experience. Same thing in the Chagrin...use white or chartruese.
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    i fished the grand in a park that comes off a bend in the river a few years ago after reading probably the same article, anyhow, banks were very high, snags were plenty and the walleye were west in the maumee.:p