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  1. Just got back in the truck was fishing the lower level, went 1 for 5 all on fresh eggs, the bite was picking up but my buddie went for a swim so we had to leave.
  2. Yikes, thats never fun but it happens. Better now then later in the year and good thing he was with you. Glad to hear you got into some fish though.

  3. Yes he is fine, He's more embarrassed than any thing because he gave me a hard time for getting my boot wet last week, but yesterday I had to run into Target to get him some clothes.Heading back up today should be in the area by 2:00.
  4. And yes this is the same buddie, He works with me so I figured I would get him hooked into steelie fishing.
  5. It's always a good idea to have an extra set of clothes in the car. Last year I took a full body plunge into the icy water in the middle of last winter. I really got soaked, and had to run back to my car, strip down to just my underarmor underwear, and hurry home blasting the heater. From then on I started keeping an extra set of warm clothes in my trunk.

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    i went for the worst kind of swim on sat. i thought i was going to drown but and my buddy was taking pictures of me. I have been wading for over 7 years and i was scrared, scared, scared... I waded out deeper then i should for a lure and lost where i was at and couldn't get back to the shore ended up taking in water for about 10 yards thought i was going to really have to swim. When it warms up again i am wading into a pool and let my waders fill to give me something to get a good feel for what to do if ever in that situation again...

    a buddy of mine told me a story of a trip to maumee he made by himself a couple years ago and i will never forget it. He drove 3+ hours to the river and the water had rose since the last time he was there. He fell in and was so cold and couldn't warm up in the truck that he had to leave and drove home 3+ hours back cold wet and miserable... I don't even think he got his line in the water. lol poor guy
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    i carry alot of hand warmers and have a dry blanket in the car. If you are going alot deeper in the woods probably a good idea to have dry matches some kindling and a dry blanket. You have to get the wet clothes off as they will leech the heat out of your body. worse comes to worse drop your stuff unhook your waders and swim out of the water you can buy new gear but death from hypothermia is forever. i took a good swim early this fall at fred fuller one step and i was in over my head! hard to swim with a flyrod in your hand but i have donated enough gear to that section of the river