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  1. Got a little later start than I hoped on the Grand this morning. Went to a spot that I know produced well on Thursday. When I got there, there were already 5 guys there. I decided to try for a little bit. Missed two takedowns. Saw probably 8-10 fish caught, all on eggs. Unfortunately, I didn't have any on me. I had only planned on fishing a couple hours. Two guys then came and tightlined on each side of me. Decided to do a little walking and found a deep stretch with only one other guy. Ended up hooking two fresh females, both on jig and maggots.

    It's good just getting out now when your time is limited. However, I don't think I'll go back to this part until it rains again AND it gets really cold. There were too many guys there for my taste.
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    no what you mean by alot of people, the river was packed today, i took out a member and his dad today at the grand, we did okay down river, got all of r on minnows and eggs at the ash. We started at the ash and only hit two there. Next time your out joel, give me a ring and c if im around.

  3. Hey Bob, I don't think I have your number anymore.
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  5. very nice archman, I am going to try and make it up tomorrow don't know if I am going to the Grand or Conny all depends on the weather and how many towers I have to climb.
  6. ok i know this sounds stupid i am from north olmsted and i fish the rocky river but where is this grand could some one give some directions on a good spot to try i keep seeing on here tons of people going out there and getting fish but i have noclue where its at thnx
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    Sorry blvdbog, you made me do it......:p

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    lol hilarious
  9. East of Chagrin, west of Connie :)
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    visit or call grand river tackle in painesville and ask for Bruce. he'll hook you up...