grand river

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by goatsome, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. hi everyone. i have a quick question. ill be taking a trip out to the grand this weekend i was wondering about access. i live on the west side and i do not venture to the "far east" too much so im fairly unfamiliar with the area. i was wondering how much is publicly accessible or where a good place to start would be. i fish the rocky for smallies all the time and im hoping to get something a little larger than 7 or 8 inches!! im not looking for secret holes or hot spots, just somewhere where i can get in the river and walk without tresspassing every few feet. any info would be appreciated. thanks and i love the site. i'd be posting more but my boat is in the shop for the summer with a blown head. dont you just love owning a boat!??!!
  2. i live right by the mouth of the grand there are the piers but not a large number of area's to walk the river..there are 2 piers if that interests you, the fairport pier and headlands longwall..for river acess there is painesvilles kawanis and hellen hazen wyman parks..which have decent best wadin and smallie fishin in the grand was done out by the harpersfield covered bridge also dont rule out the chagrin if your in the area..i've caught a few small smallies fishin for cats in the last week and seen quite a few in there...hope that answered some of your questions...welcome aboard and if you have anymore questions feel free to pm me

  3. thanks for the info guys. i never thought to check the steelhead maps. i def wanna get into the river. i think i feel like i accomplished more if i really get in the river and walk around rather than just standing on a pier. ill check out a few of the places you mentioned. thanks again.