Grand River Sboopy Pole Contest?

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by bassin420, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. I want to try this contest this year, sounds like fun and from what I hear it is for a good cause. Can someone give me some info on this or direct me to the place to register for this contest?

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    1250 High Street
    Fairport Harbor, Ohio 44077
    Phone: (440) 352-7222
    Fax: (440) 352-7901

    They have all the info you need about it.

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    Web site for the shop Ben listed. On their website I do see a page for the 2006 contest, I imagine as it gets closer they will throw some updated info on there.

    I have never fished the contest but the pics I've seen are usually rather amusing. Also, since it's for a handicapped kids charity - you just can't go wrong.

    I see that someone had a 23" Steelhead disqualified during the contest?! I wonder if he used a Barbie or Scooby-Doo pole or something. :D

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    It was a Spiderman "SnoopyRod." Disqualified for the spiderwire that was spooled up.....haha.....

  5. Just when I thought you two were a couple of Bragging Jerks.:p You two go and do something nice! PM me if you ever make it out East and I will show you some honey holes out this way but I have to blind fold you once we get to the river and do a polygraph before leaving to ensure National Security matters are not disclosed prior to our fishing together.:p In all seriousness tho, thanks for the info my wife wants do this and so does her boss. He wants to take his kids out with him and thought this would be fun and charitable. Tight Lines!

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    I wish they did this longer than just 1 day. It would be kind of neat to have it a few weekends long. Sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate with steelhead events.

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    What is this snoopy Pole Contest???
  8. Not That"s A Cool Contest!!!!!!
  9. where is this contest held and how much does it cost to get into it.
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    I saw the pics on the Grand River web site and it looks like a lot of fun. Can you imagine not knowing about the contest that day and then while strolling around the bend on the river and see three or four big guys all decked out in gear and fishing with a yellow sponge bob fishing pole. That would be hilarious :D
  11. Corndawg, it's funny you mention that. My broinlaw and I were fishing the Grand a couple years ago and we saw a few guys fishing with Barbie poles or something. We both thought we were seeing things. We thought they may have just opened up the loony bin - until a couple days later I read a post about the Snoopy contest. That's exactly how it happened too! Now that's funny right there!
  12. I hope it is fun! It sure does look like a challenge. I hope I get an original Snoopy pole, no Dora the Explorer please! I wonder how good the drag is on them, I have no kids so I have never even held one before. You guys are right, I too would be bewildered if I ran across some guys decked out in Orvis gear slinging baits with a snoopy pole!:p