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Grand River Muskie

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Muskie/Hunter, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Went out to the grand Friday and Cought a 35 incher on mepps Marrabou Pretty excited about that first River muskie never really tried it before but now I will try it a lot more. Does anyone else have any good muskie spots on the river.
  2. Congrats!!! Growing up a fishing rivers in NE Ohio, it makes me happy to hear fish like muskies being caught from them.


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  3. Fish Tale

    Fish Tale Sea Food Eater

    "Does anyone else have any good muskie spots on the river."

    A place called Indian Point.
  4. Well thats where I was fishing when I cought it only just down river from that. just before it starts get shallow tords the bridge. in about knee high water. It must be a pretty good spot.
  5. Well it looks like we all have the same muskie spot on the Grand :)

    I've not caught one there but did get a follow and a swipe a few weeks back. I figure the area by the dam is a decent spot too but I haven't fished there much. I think I remember Wormdrowner mentioning that area. The area around Helen Hazen Wyman park should be ok too when the water level and clarity are right.

    I finally bagged a couple of 'skis at West Branch this year after getting skunked last season so hopefully I'll be able to get a river muskie from this part of the state before too long. I've caught them out of rivers in Central and Southern Ohio but none here in the NE yet.

  6. I talked to a guy who caught one last fall on a steelhead spoon. He was near the double bridge, just down from Rutherford's.

    I remember an Ohio Fisherman article ,from years ago,that talked about muskie being hooked from the pier.

    I've been fishing the lower river for smallies and trout for several years, but I haven't been lucky enough to even see a muskie.