Grand River - luck or fluke

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  1. Went down to the Grand River in Madison about 6 am walked upstream about a 1/2 mile then back downstream 1/4 mile past my beginning point when I saw some flashes in a pool.

    Casted 7 times in the area with a nymph when I got a hit. I found a pocket of some young steelhead, the two I caught had to be released as they were 9 & 10 inches long, but it was fun. Was a truly beautiful morning for fly fishing on the Grand.

  2. You hear of smolts in the rivers being caught all the time, but it's usually closer to the time of stocking. I am suprised they survived the summer.

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    if the pools deep enough and stays cool enough, i dont see why not.:)
  4. The one pool upstream is really deep and a fair amount of shade, this pool was probably a good 3 -4 feet deep because of the recent rain. I have caught several catfish in the larger pool.
  5. People dont believe it but there are steelhead in the grand.
  6. I Believe!:D [​IMG] Just kidding, did you mean year round Al?
  7. [​IMG] Grand River 6 trout 2 cat's 1 smallie
  8. Yes all year.If you go to Hogback in madison some of the pools hold trout.Theres spring fed creeks that feed along the river.They stay cold.
  9. Alfred,

    Thank you, I now know where I will be going this weekend. Takes me all of 15 minutes to get to Hogsback from my house.

  10. Well, I guess they won't be there for long. Loose lips and all that.

  11. That spot isnt realy a secret.
  12. No sir,it really isnt a secret from Oct.To May.But guys running down the wanting to be flyGQ catching 5" smolts isnt going to help anything.
    It dont matter much to me anyway.I quit fishing Mill creek 10 years ago.Got tired of all the lining,lifting and snagging going on down there.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please


    I agree with Treefrog 1000%
  14. What do you mean 5" smolts and flyGQ?:(
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    Let see, where you wearing an Orvis Fly vest and breathable waders
    or were you wet wading in old camo pants ?............ :p

    Sounds like stockers to me. Those little guys run all over the place when the stock them. I ran into a pod of them years ago at the rt82 dam on the 'Hoga.
    They had stocked Rocky River the week before.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    damn creekcrawler, now you went and said hoga.... :)

  17. I must not get out that much never seen that.:D :D