Grand River Long Wall

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  1. How do you get around the lighthouse on the long wall to get to the rest of the wall. I have never been on that pier before but i am beginning to consider it becuase we are not catching anything trollin.
  2. You will go in threw the MentorHeadlens Park, Park to the far right and walk north east to the path, It will take you by the beach then the wall.

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    go around the west very carefully,it,s slippery and if the west winds are kickin up it can be nasty if you slip, saw one fella slip and lost a rod and net trying to keep from going in the drink.............
  4. thanks, how much room do you have when you are walking around the wall???? Thanks
  5. snag


    B B if the west wind is kickin and waves crashin it,s tough may want to turn back and cast before the litehouse if it,s calm it,s a slow go cause the rocks are slippery and jagged not a smooth walk but it can be done,just go slow.......

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    it isn't that bad getting around the west side of the lighthouse if the rocks are dry. It gets a bit tricky if in fact the waves have kicked up and gotten the huge boulders wet though.

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    I normally wear a bookbag out there put all lures/tackle in there and then duct tape my rods to my hands, one per hand. I climb up the lighthouse steps and swan dive into lake erie. Swim to the spot I want to fish and then I cast up on the wall and use that for a ladder to get up it. It might seem a little crazy but it works. Sorry I am stuck working in the shop today..........:D ;) :p
  8. what do you do if the waves take you awaywhen you dive in????
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    ah yes, the old duct tape the rods to the hands trick, good time, good times:p
  10. pray.........