Grand river help?

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by Janus, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Going with the family down to Mentor Headlands tomorrow. Have a few hours to fish and have a car. Wondering if anyone can give me any good starting points on the Grand that are near that area...never fished it before wondering if I should bring the 5wt or the 8wt or not sure what the water is like.
  2. Janus,

    Just sent you a PM, I am going to doing some fly fishing on the Grand, I am newer to fly fishing but have been using an 8. I'm out in Madison, maybe we could meet up.


  3. Janus have a good time I'm glad to see a local to help!
  4. All of the rivers in the area are real low right now. The 8 weight would probably be overkill. I was there a few weeks ago and caught a bunch of rock bass and smallies in the shallow pools using streamers.
  5. My experience this time of year in the Grand would dictate a 5 wt or less. Lightly weighted streamers, buggers, or bunny strips are what I would go with. I always liked the stretch between Harpersfield & Vrooman Rd.
  6. I had a great tiime fishing with you today. At least you caught that monster of a smallie ;) LOL We'll get them next time. I got those loop tips like we talked about, looking forward to using them, should make my life easier.

  7. Thanks for showin me around. The Grand is a beautiful River. I'm used to Rocky River where the joggers run by on cell phones as their pony tails flop, ignoring the fact that their labador retriever just jumped into the the hole I was fishing. Grand was like a different world by Indian point park. At least we caught something.
    Thanks again Andy.

  8. look at the pony tails .. lol... Hmm i was always concentrating below the Yes great stretch of water!