Grand River blast

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  1. Went camping up at Kenisee Sun-Tuesday. Fished the Grand each day. What a blast. Sunday afternoon I caught 26 smallies. Largest was about 14. What made it fun, was that they all came on buzzbaits. The arial displays that those things put on is nothing short of awesome. Monday caught another 20, then took the kids down and they searched for crayfish which the smalies can not resist. Three of the kids had never caught bass and they thought it was the greatest. Water was low and clearing, so find the structure and the pools just below the riffles and you will get fish. What a beautiful section of the river downstream of Harpersfield.

  2. The Memories that place has brought back...

    we use to camp twice a year there for many summers and fish the grand river for smallies all day....

    and you right ... an absolute blast... .. just put on a pair of shorts.. some old tennies... light tackle and be off all day....

    great camp site and area..... them ponds there too hold some great fish as well ..

    thanks for sharing ... it was nice to reminice....... I'm gonna have to slow down here one weekend and try to make up there soon like ole times....


  3. Grew up right up river from there.Big deer run threw there.
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    where is this kenisee campground? obviously south of harpersfield bridge.. do you access from 528 o r east of valley park there?
  5. Its up river.On 307 going toward Austinburg from EAST ON 534.