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Grand River Anglers

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Mushijobah, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Mushijobah

    Mushijobah Urban Angler

    Hey guys. I am just looking to see how many people CONSISTANTLY fish the grand in its upper reaches (non gorge). The reason I ask is that I am in intern working with an electro shocking crew for the OEPA, and am interested in the streams fish populations at different locations. I am interested in unexpected catches, observations, or rumors had by anyone in the watershed. Let me know either through this thread, or PM if anyone is of this description.
  2. Fish the upper grand frequently below Harpersfield. Most uncommon thing I've seen in that area is a small population of walleye. I occasionally catch a small walleye, always the same size (12-14 inches). I've caught them at different times throughout the summer in different holes. Though I've never caught one, there are musky in this area, mainly above the dame from what I here. I did see one once beloww the damm. It devoured a small sucker right in front of me. That fish was probably around 10 pounds.

  3. There are more fish than anyone can imagine.Above the dam ive seen steelhead ,muskie,and schools of nice walleye.
  4. have a unique opportunity. Best of luck with your internship. Disregard all prior beliefs......our waters are both better and worse (as far as aquatic population) than any publications indicate.
  5. I was fishing at Hidden Valley about two weeks ago and caught a crappie and a small Muskie under the 528 bridge. I know people that fish Muskie from county line rd. up to Harpersfield. I have fished from Painesville to Harpersfield since the mid 60's and that was the first time I caught either species. A year ago I got a nice largemouth below 528. Most of the time just smallies and rock bass.
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    fishingful Time to fish!

    dude are there any oppenings ...........volinter or other wise where you are i am interested looking to get into the field that i am going to school for
  7. There is a very good amount of eyes above the dam and muskie.If you get to shock above the Dam concentrate between tote road and switzer road.I think you guys would be surprised whats in there.Back when I was young there were oldtimers fish it 24/7 and pull out huge 40-50# flatheads also.It really is a under fished river now a days(except for steel).I grew up in Geneva and fished it since the time I could walk and have caught rock,small and largemouth,every kind of sucker,carp,eyes,steelhead,coho,chinook,northerns,gills,crappie,sheephead.
    Back in the 70's there used to be huge runs of walleye up near the dam.But guys having 20 fish on a stringer kind of put a dent in the population.But there still are some pretty massive spring runs above the dam.And yes the steelhead do make it over.They are caught in the headwaters all the way down in Parkman.
  8. Mushijobah

    Mushijobah Urban Angler

    Awesome info guys. It is cool to hear people talking about the area we are doing work in! The river is indeed unique, and perplexing. It changes forms from estuarine, to gorge, to lowland/wetland all under 100 river miles. Keep the info coming. We have only been in the tribs so far and the far upper reaches of the main stem. Interesting catches include a nice 3lb. walleye and various small fish species which are either rare or indicate a high quality stream. Keep the info coming!
  9. 2 weeks ago the ODNR electroshocked various areas of the Grand. there was a story on it in the News Herald.My question to you is, who are you working with? Like I said, the state just completed a very thurough and extensive study. Why again?
  10. Mushijobah

    Mushijobah Urban Angler

    As mentioned in the first post. OEPA. Two very very different agencies. It is a TMDL study of the upper Grand. Do you have a link to the ODNR project?
  11. Don't know of any sites to read up on it, like i said, it was just written about in the lake county News Herald, incidentally, the OEPA completed a 200+ page report on the Grand in 2006, witch can be accessed on-line. I found this report to be extremelly informative. Is your study an extension of last years OEPA study? I only ask because I, myself, use and have great interest in the Grand as well, Another group you can check with is the Grand River Partners. Very good group, Keeping the grand the way it is. they have a good web-site.
  12. Mushijobah

    Mushijobah Urban Angler

    The study published in 2006 was actually done in 2003-2004. It also only examined the lower portion of the river. Our study is of the upper, namely the lowlands, and not the gorge. Here is the link.

    As far as fishery concerns, one driving factors or species comes into play when separating a problematic part of a stream to a problematic part of a stream that has public support. This factor is the possible spawning grounds for the Great Lakes strain of Musky found in the river. If the locations of these grounds can be located and further understood, that gives all the more reason for the Govt. and private groups to uptake the responsibility of preservation of more land in the watershed.