Grand River 4-12-08

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  1. Hittin the Grand this morning for some late Steel / early Smallie. Will post results when I get back.
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    sounds good.

  3. Absolutely horrendous day. The river was completely blown out. Apparently they got a lot more rain in the Cleveland area than we did here in Akron. The guy at the bait shop laughed at me and my buddy; he said the flow went from 600 cfs to 1600 cfs overnight, and it looked like chocolate milk. Lesson learned: took the man's business card and agreed to call him before making the 3 hour round trip.
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    we didn't get much rain in Cleveland either -it was all east of us.
    Bookmark that flow gauge, fer sure!
  5. Done! Supposed to hit the Little Beaver this weekend for smallies...will definitely be checking the flow gauge! Thanks, guys!
  6. sorry to hear you didnt get to fish..i live right on the grand..if you need a report on how its lookin just shoot me a pm..
  7. Thanks, I sure will! Do you expect the steelies to be around much longer? I'd like to give it another shot....
  8. Check the flow guage before leaving home. Only takes a minute.. lesson learned I'm sure.