grand ripids dam

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  1. has anyone had any luck at the grand rapids dam for anything? including cats, white bass, smallmouth, largemouth, crappie....ect?
  2. You can catch a good number of cats as well as carp. Smallies and WB are in some areas there too. I've never caught crappies there but never targeted them. I don't think there are any LM there.

  3. You'll be suprised what you can catch below the dam. I have caught some nice LM near the dam. Also a few crappie here and there. Im might try the dam tonight if the rain holds. Ill post if i have any luck.
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    Yeah, I've caught some LM there over by the middle dam area. There are also pools where gar can be found.
  5. Anyone been down there fishing yet???
  6. Buddy and I fished the south side with limited success.Caught two bass a few sheephead and a couple of buffalos.Oh yeah the shad are thick right up next to the dam.
  7. Thanks I might try the weekend