grand rapids bait shop

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  1. is that bait shop in grand rapids near the dam open yet? if so do they sale chubs?
  2. closed last few times i passed

  3. As of yesterday it was closed when i drove by around 3 30.
  4. It was closed today, but on up river about 1-2 miles is Lollie's (river rat racing) and they have minnows and bait. No chubs though. If you walk the towpath downstream from Povidence dam on the Grand Rapids side, we would catch them on small minnow or worms, but it was usually warmer and they wer 4-6".
  5. The shop should open in th next few days.........I got a message to the owner secondhand he needs to get busy!! I'll post when I KNOW he is open.
  6. maumee tackle has more live bait just down the river and there is way better fishing down river anyway.
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    phisherman can't land em Teddy

  8. Actually, it really depends on what you are talking about. Down river can be better for Walleyes during the run no doubt. But the pike, crappie, and largemouth fishing early spring can be phenomenal in Grand Rapids. Also, I catch more walleye in GR in the summer than I do in Maumee. Just sticking up for my turf! LOL! :B
  9. I went to Lallie's and River Lures on Monday 3/17. Lallie's had no bait at all and said he wasnt expecting to get bait until the first week of April when the water is down enough for his liking.

    River Lures was open, but he had no live bait either. He did have some frozen bait (small gills) but I was looking for some chubs or suckers to do some pike fishing with.

    He said that a guy the day before I was there called and wanted some frozen shad because he caught 6 or 8 pike on them the day before.

    The river height is really messing up the fishing for the early spring. This snow we are supposed to get is only gonna make things continue on this shitty trend.