Grand R. , Sunday (10/26) morning

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  1. Hey was wondering if anyone was heading to the grand in or around painseville on sunday morning, early. I was looking for someone to show me some spots and tips. I don;t have a good rigging for float fishing yet, plan on tossing rooster tails, or spoons. I'd be willing to try some float fishing but its hasn't been working too good with 6' rod and no waders. I also may head up to the harbor area too.
  2. I might try to head up there...Ive been fishing the Chagrin for a week or so now but still have yet to try the Grand. Usually fish with a buddy of mine, was going to see if he wanted to go as well. I think the first place I was going to try was at the park right there off of RT 84 and 44. My friend knows of other spots but I have yet to talk to him or to make definite plans.

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    Started today at Indian Point worked up to Mason's..didn't see any fish caught today..Ran into several people who said they hadn't caught anything. Water was low and gin clear...Did drill 2 chubs, but not really what I was going for..good luck..Seems like a good blowout would get things going...
  4. caught one today. the water was a bit high and a tad off colour, but I wouldnt have considered it cloudy. shame there just doesnt seem to be a lot of fish in the rivers just yet.
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    we landed 1 trolling spoons today. there sure were alot of people out today,we saw about 6-8 fish caught from shore. nice day to be out for sure
  6. I did end up going out today, fished for a while at indian point, but it seemed way too low for spinners, so we ended up at the pull off by the richmond st bridge almost by the lake. Saw a stringers of 3 LARGE ones go in one groups trunk when we were ariving at about 11 30 (2nd spot), also saw 2 more caught there while fishing.

    Again if any of you ever wouldn;t mind showing some of these unmarked public places i would gladly go with you to learn all i can. Do the cops ever ticket at the richmond street bridge, it looks pretty well used.

    Also up at indian point, maybe 2/3 down the dirt road, when you get to the stream bed off to the left there is some red flagged posts. Are these a property line or were they gas line markers. There was orange paint on ground. I though you could take the stream to masons landing w/o getting on private property.
  7. The best way is to do your own leg work. This is a touchy subject as some people will accuse you of spoonfeeding.

    I suggest getting a map and starting off at one of the metro parks. Fish several spots and make mental notes of depth, structures, flow and type of water. It's not rocket science.
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    Master of steel had a great suggestion on not actually naming all the spots you fished. For example, if someone from out on the west side who would normally fish the rock, vermillion, etc, reads the past 2 posts regarding the Grand, they're probably going to head out east. I'm all about being helpful, but again, why invite others when it's not necessary.

    PaintItBlue, I'd stop in and talk to either Bruce or John up at Grand River Tackle. Either of them are extremely knowledgable on steelhead and will get you squared away. You can also PM me if you want.