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Grand Lake St. Mary's Crappie Bite

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by zaraspook, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. and your Dad did fine. Amazing you saw so few others fishing. I heard the bite was much improved Fri morning.
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  2. Saugfish...... I don't think crappies ever go nuts like the saugeye symphony in concert with low pressure systems. Let me chew on it. Good luck this weekend!
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  3. I'm excited every time I get to fish, especially for crappies. Thought it over and this time of year I don't have any special set of conditions to drool over. Regardless of conditions, fishing means you have to figure out the bite. However, my channel is on the south side of the lake. I do prefer a NW or N wind which drives water into my channel, raises water level as much as 4-6". By the time the wind pushes water from Celina in the NW corner of lake to my channel on SE side of lake, it's run 8+ uninterrupted miles. White caps push the water, bait fish, and predators into and down my channel. NW or N wind almost always gets fish and feeding stirred up.
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  4. Made it to GLSM Tues for a quickie. Started at 1:30pm and knocked off at 5:15p with an hour food and work break in the middle. Water temp 39.5 which I believe is same as last Weds. Water level off my seawall was 47", a shocker that it's up 13" since last week. Haven't seen weekly change of more than 2" since June. Another surprise, water was definitely stained.....about the color of coffee.

    Walked my circuit.........5 spots, 1 bite, 1 crappie (10"). Just plain and simple dead. Cycled through a bunch of bait changes with maybe two rare, timid bites. On 2nd thought, 2 bites is probably not right. One bite more like it. After my break I picked up 2 quick ones off my seawall and then repeated my earlier tour for 1 more crappie.

    2 hours with just 4 crappies.........I debated packing up and heading home, grabbed my rods to put away, then turned around . 45 minutes more minutes of light so why not finish it out? Sometimes my seawall can work some magic right at dusk. And this was one of those times. Not exactly on fire, but definitely this was a more aggressive bite. Caught 5 more including the one in photo below (a 16th inch under 12", fat and bulging).

    9 total with 5 keepers in 10-12" range. Only 2 fish came on Panfish Assassin. The other 7 ate the same Bobby Garland Baby Shad in Monkey Milk pattern. All were caught 8-12' off the bank in/near brush or wood. I fished 3.5 to 4' deep in 4-5' of water. A good ending makes for a good day.
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  5. Great looking fish zara!
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  6. Thanks for the report... Going to give it a try tomorrow.
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  7. Nice report Zara.
    Yesterday was the 1st time this year I saw water temps below 50 degrees. With deer archery season and now the holidays I just haven't had much time to fish in Oct/Nov. I went out yesterday morning for a few hours and did pretty good on numbers but only had a few 10"+ in the mix, I fish from 9:00-1:00.
    I find this time of year if time permits I'm one of the last guys off the lake as I tend to like that last hour of the day. Seems it can make a so-so day into a winner.
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  8. i would be very happy to catch a few them size in the spring..much less almost december!..chunky slab there.
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  9. Wow suprised on the water rising in your channel noticed the spillway pipes were open on my way home from work today.
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  10. USGS website shows they've been pulling water hard since 18th. Army Corp probably would not like to see heavy ice cover at these water levels. Remember the ice damage to docks, etc a few winters back? They might let the pipes flow for a while.
  11. Definitely they have feed bag on if you can locate fish. The few who fish this late can get some of heaviest fish of year.
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  12. Couldn't agree more. Nice to read your reports and glad to see you back out there. Crazy that shallow lakes are sinking into mid to upper 30's and you guys still 10+ higher.
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  13. Came up this morning with my brother and a buddy of mine. We started fishing a north side channel with modest results until the fish stopped at about 9:30-10:00. Chartreuse was the key color in the morning. After a cruise around the lake, we returned to the same channe as the morning. Action picked up and the bites cane more quickly. Bubble gum was the color of the afternoon. The quality of the fish was outstanding. Many 11”+ including a few over 12”. 35 brought home with several smaller 9-10” thrown back.

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  14. The difference in these lake types is always amazing to me too. I think it was just 2 weeks ago we still had water temps in the 60's. Even though the creeks have cooled to the upper 40's the main lake is still low 50's. One added benefit we enjoy in the deep water lakes is the delaying of ice up. In a normal year we won't see ice until sometime in mid/late Jan and warmer years like last year, we fished open water all winter.
    The hardest part of fishing this time of year is time. Hunting, kids, grand kids, holidays, more hunting, birthdays, momma projects, friends ect... all come into play. I have no idea how I fit it all in before I retired.
  15. Now that's what I'm talking about. Great day of fall crappie fishing.!
    My long tradition of fishing Friday after Thanksgiving was halted. We still had a house full of family and friends. Hope the crappies wait a few more days.
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  16. RMK


    Friday late morning midday. Headed to the lake about noon and saw quite a few people at a Northside shore spot. Wasn't sure if there was a bite to be had or it was crowded just because it was nice out. Must ve been a bite. Good job Harrison!
    Headed across to my favorite area. I knew it would probably still be muddy but have caught a couple there when it was muddy before. I ve heard going darker with your bait helps in muddy water. ?? It was quite a bit dirtier than I expected. No takers after several size/style bait changes. Water temp 39 to 42. I probably should ve fished some cleaner water.
    I will definitely make a few casts today from shore at my inlaws. Wife won't let me take the boat to thanksgiving. Haha.
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  17. the stained to milky mud conditions past Tues I went with the darker bait strategy....didn't work. Other rod had Assassin in chartreuse pepper, always good for a few, but wasn't effective. Eventually decided they needed more help finding my bait in poor visibility as with bigger bait. Switched to Hot Grub twister tail for a few bites, but Bobby Garland Baby Shad was the trick in the end. Rather than dark pattern, it was opaque, almost white with feint blue flecks. Pattern actually called Monkey Milk.
    At GLSM I recommend first finding a size they will hit. Once you know they can find the bait, you can fine tune for color/style of bait. Hope you get some!
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    I wondered about what your thinking was when you mentioned that color the other day. A little different than the norm. Now that you mentioned the almost white colored bait.... a black and white is what I caught them on in the spring in the mud. I thought it was because of the black.... maybe it was the white that was the trigger.
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  19. Thanks, it was a great day to be out! I talked with several other fisherman and everyone seemed in really good spirits. There was a great vibe to the day and a lot of sharing the secret colors, haha.
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    Well I didn't get skunked today. Yep, I caught a shad. Oh well... at least the buckeyes won.