Grand lake St Mary's....beating the dead horse report

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  1. Positive. The new state boat ramp on the south east side nice. I caught a crappie at the spillway after trying channels in a boat so I wasn't skunked! Negative. Almost to many things mention about the water condition of this body of water. I believe the state should either do something for its residents for either fisherman and general population and fisherman or waterfowl hunters. Drain a bunch for birds or dig and try to clean some of it. I used to fish it 20 years ago and it was dirty then but dang. Colon of Ohio!!!!!!! I'm not sure I'd eat much from those channels if I had caught some. I will not return anytime soon.
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    I m still pretty proud to call it my home lake.
    And everyone is aloud to have their opinions on what color they think the water should be.

  3. I knew there would be a reply and it'd get to some saying that......I know brown water is brown water from our bottoms and what's flowing in. I'm just saying trash thousands and thousands of dead fish and all the run off going in.....if I wouldn't swim in it I won't eat from it......wish it was different being 30mins away.....nice fish though.
  4. one less boat to get in the way. been catching and eating fish in that cesspool since February. always some excuse for when people can't catch fish...
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    Where is this going? You either fish it and eat what you catch or find water that's more suitable to you liking.
  6. i learned something new - i already knew you never talk bad about a man's wife, dog, or mother. now i have to add "home lake" to that list.

    a major faux pas
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  7. Listen.....I'd love to call this place my home lake being the closest body of water I could run a motor on. I'm all for paying more taxes or even a regional tax on this to lake improvement. I have open cuts on my hands from work and felt leery reaching into the minnow bucket after cruising those channels.....anyone breathing! can't say that lake is in bad shape!....just saying. That whole region would BOOM! If it were decent.....
  8. ok - we know you don't like the lake, it is not your home lake, you wouldn't eat the fish if they paid you......
    if you ain't careful, someone is gonna start talking bad about your dog... LOL
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    And I thought GLSM was in the southwest Ohio fishing report!
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  11. I had no idea this site had a glsm thread sorry new here. Did a bit of reading since posting. I didn't think that anyone talked about this lake except on lake restoration pages and an ice fishing site. So you guys talked in great detail in 2011 about lake restoration, has anything come true with those dreams or hopes? This is a serious question.
  12. Gillion you are correct. Everyone in the region knows about the water quality. Some just take offense to you saying it out loud.
  13. I"m equally passionate about GLSM since this area has been home to me for the last 57 years. There are many water quality initiatives that have been put into place over the last 7-8 years. The treatment trains, manure application guidelines, comprehensive nutrient management plans, & farmers willing to plant protective filter strips to limit phosphorus infiltration to name a few. It's my home lake too & the fishing has been excellent the last few years. Back when I was growing up on the north shore I lived & worked at one of the best locations on the whole lake for 33 years. Occasionally people would mention our 'green' lake in a negative way & I would simply ask them "Do you have a better lake in your front yard" ? Yup.....this is home & I LIKE IT !!
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  14. Im all the way in south east columbus and would love to find the time to chase some crappie on "home-lake" turns into peasoup bye early june every year.
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  15. Glsm is a three hour drive for me and i have never been disappointed making the trip. So many places to fish even in bad weather. Wish it were closer. Maybe you should try Indian lake since it's only a stone's throw away. Hopefully all the improvement efforts over the past years will only make it better.
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  16. New to this lake. What boat ramps are best to launch from for easy access to the canals?
  17. There is one at windy point another nice one off of Mercer Auglaize county line rd.
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    The fishing is terrible here anyhow. Just stick to what you like. Tell your friends about the water quality. I wouldn't eat the fish either. They taste like fish.
  19. GLSM, is a straight up toxic. I wouldn't let my ex wife swim in it let alone eat fish from that dump. I pity the fish and people that call that lake their home.

    Be sure to wash your boat hull with bleach and simple green after venturing out in that cesspool.
  20. There were 17.....that's right, SEVENTEEN different lakes in Ohio being closely monitored by the OEPA for microcystin several years AFTER the initial algae bloom @ GLSM. For the record, this isn't intended to be any form of personal attack. I suggest you start reading the news & becoming more well informed . The same problem is prevalent in Lake Erie. Toledo had a significant drinking water quality issue there as well. Water quality issues are a fact of life. I'll suggest you explore some streams, rivers, & lakes wherever it is that you're from & report back to us on the ones that aren't affected in some way by phosphorus or some other form of industry contamination. How about supporting local efforts to find solutions & fix water quality issues ??? Mike Bruns Celina,OH Lake Improvement Assn. member & Lake Restoration Committee supporter.