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  1. I fished the tournament and got our a** kicked. A lot of people didn't do good and some did good. We fished along the bank on the north side. We also used night crawlers and cut shad. I had 1 pole tight lined and one on a slip bobber. What did we do wrong? We didn't even get a bite. Any help please!!!

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  2. I always do good with cut shad on the bottom.

  3. One thing I know I did wrong was I used frozen cut bait. Are they deep or shallow?
  4. Dont think it was you, its the lake. Its been going downhill for years.
  5. So if you had your choice to fish Grand Lake or Indiana Lake - what would you choose?
  6. I am sure almost everyone would choose Indian lake over Grand lake but Grand lake does hold some fish, you just need to know where to find them. Last year i caught my limit of eyes several times at Grand lake.
  7. I was there last year in late summer caught arm loads of smalll channels. we were trying to target anything else but catfish by the end of the weekend but didnt have much luck. using minnows, nightcrawlers etc on top and bottom, nothing but small channels
  8. been there crappiehunter, not sure you did anything wrong, just not your day. I have only had luck there off the bank at night. gettem next time!
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    The water is still cold, those South winds have not come in yet to help warm the water up so it's a hit or miss on them fish, should be better before the next tournament, my son struggled also and he does well on that lake had won a couple of them last year..........Doc
  10. Indian lake by far. Its cleaner, and its always decent fishing.