Grand Lake/Beaver Creek Walleye

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    I fished Beaver Creek this morning below the Grand Lake spillway and managed one keeper, a 2 pound walleye. I took it home, filleted it, rinsed the fillets and let them soak in salt water for a short time and fried it up. I was disappointed to find that it had kind of a "musty" taste to it. Many years ago I ate some fish from the lake in the summer time that had a bad taste to them. I guess the water must be getting warm enough to cause this problem. Is there any way to get rid of the bad flavor? It doesn't seem to be a problem when the water is cold. If I was smart :rolleyes: I would have only fried half of the fish, then kept the other half in salt water until tomorrow to see if it made any difference. I guess unless anybody has a miracle cure, it'll be C&R for me until the water gets cold again.

    By the way, does anyone run into this problem anywhere else, or is Grand Lake just the cesspool of Ohio lakes??:(
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    soak overnight in milk. cleans that st. marys muck out of them

  3. its the water temp, lake erie fish will taste bad in the summer if not treated right, personally i would just release walleye maybe eat some perch but i think alot of people think its some kind of a sin to release a walleye. just treat it right, keep it alive as long as possible, keep it cool once its dead, cut the fatty parts and the red meat out, soak it in milk or salt water for a while. oh and you can make fish that dont taste as good eat well with certain recipies, in the summer i often keep channle cat and sheaphead and blacken them, the hot water makes most fish mushy so i keep the fish that arn't as flaky but can be manipulated more than fragile fleshed fish like walleye