GPS/map for boat and car ??

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by KaGee, Jun 27, 2007.

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    Is there such a thing... put it in the car when not boating? I'm sort of out of the loop on these things.
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  3. I use laptop with GPS and DeLorme Street Atlas for both.
    I can come in and out of harbors (nearly) blindfolded with computer only.
    GPS locations are generally available on OGF for waypoints.
    Works great. Price is right if you have a laptop.
    If you download Chart Navigator, you have it all
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    i have a garmin gps 172 new from ebay.(150.00) it comes with a basemap of all the major higways and state it. i run 12 volts from a cigarette lighter plug for the boat and car. it will also take downloads too. i am not that advanced yet.the bluechart for lake erie shows great detail, even shows how many launch ramps are at each launch site,and of course all the other navigational aids. the bluechart is an extra $100.00
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    The new Lowrance Iway is built for car navigation and water navigation check it out, it's super sweet.