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  1. I was bored yesterday so I decided to go on a quest to download my GPS Coordinates from my Lowrance GlobalMap 3200 GPS to my PC.

    After doing some reading I found that I needed a SD Memory Card reader and I thought I'd also need a new 'blank' memory card. I drove over to Alliance and picked up a reader for 20 bucks and a 128mb SD Card.

    Low and behold the SD Card that I purchased would not work in my Lowrance unit!??? When I compare the Navionics SD Card that I use for local lakes to the new one I bought it's the same exact size but the card I bought has the metal contacts slightly recessed. My guess is it doesn't make contact with the contacts internally in the Lowrance unit. :mad: That was a bummer. Hopefully Walmart will let me return it!

    Well I was bound determined that this was going to happen yesterday!! I put my Navionics HotSpots SD Memory card back into the unit. I went into a MMC Memory Card menu and saw that the card from Navionics was almost 50% empty! :) I was a little nervous about reading the GPS points from the base memory of the unit and putting them on card in fear that it would overwrite my hotspots maps that cost 125 bucks! Reading a little further and seeing it let me name the file I was confident that it would be ok. Using the menu options I dumped the GPS waypoints onto the card. That was it for the GPS.

    On the PC I simply used the card reader I purchased at Walmart to read the file off the SD Card and put it into a folder on my PC.

    On Lowrance's website they make 2 different software packages, one is free, the other is not.

    GDM is a software program that is free and allows you to view your waypoins, trails, and routes. You can also edit, add, delete, etc and save the file (for uploading to GPS purproses).

    Mapcreate 5 or 6 is the other program that is a detailed mapping program with lakes, cities, streets in decent detail. It's primary use is for making your own maps that you can put on an SD card and upload to your Lowrance unit. I also use it occasionally when I'm driving somewhere and get lost!! The cool thing about MapCreate is that you can load the GPS points in and do everything you can do in GDM software but you can also see where the GPS points are on the lakes! The only drawback I've found to the Mapcreate software is that while the lakes are detailed they do not have contour/depth lines on them.

    My main plan is just to edit the names of the GPS points and then upload them to the GPS again. The biggest reason I wanted to do all this is just in case my GPS ever crashed, I now have a backup of all my waypoints over the years!

    Does anyone know of any other mapping software with lake details and contour lines? I've seen only one company,

    Does anyone use this software, if so how do you like it?
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    The free update maps on the Lowrance website will have contour lines. The only ones in Ohio that are updated are West Branch and Mosquito. Sorry no Berlin.

    I've gotten pretty proficient with my ifinder H2O and loading/saving between the PC and the gps unit. PM me and we can share gps points and maybe learn a few things about the units too.

  3. Hey Bill you saying you were able to read your hotspots card in your PC?!?!? Just checking because Navionics claims that you cannot read them in a pc and doing so will cause damage not covered under waranty. I was always curious if that was true or if they only said that to keep people from copying their cards.

  4. Blance,

    I purchased a card to use and then it wouldn't work in my GPS. So, I was desparate and decided to use the free space that was on my navionics card. Using my GPS I saved the waypoints onto my Navionics Hot Spots card. I then went to my pc with the card reader and downloaded the text file off my card and onto my PC. It's basically just a comma delimited file. I also copied the Navionics Hot Spots directory onto my hard drive as well. I've used the card since then and it surely didn't damage my card. The good thing is now I have a backup.
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    i havent had the time to read the book but are you able to measure the distance between 2 waypoints. say i want to know the distance between 2 spots that i punch in. i know how to find the distance between current location and a waypoint but i havent figured out how to be sitting in the living room and find the distance betweeen 2 waypoints on a lake. for example im on the couch, and i want to know the distance from the portage river to green island. probally should just read the book , ehh.

  6. I use Delorme Street Atlas, take my laptop with Earthmate GPS along and record each trip. Contours from NOAA 14844. Verify depth with fishfinder. Have plotted wrecks, buoys, reefs.

    Jpeg says:
    29deg magnetic 9.64 statute miles
    from Portage River to Green Island

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  7. I can't wait to learn more about mine... and get the add ons too...