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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by ShakeDown, Jan 6, 2008.

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    Just picked up a new combo unit for my console, and it has an external GPS antenna that I need to mount along with the finder (antenna is the white puck style). Anyways, the directions state to mount it on a flat surface without obstructions, since GPS signals are a line-of-sight type deal, and anything blocking that could hose the signal.

    Being that I have a fish n ski, my mounting options are limited. I'd love to mount the puck behind the windshield on the dash, but before i start poppin holes i was wondering if being under glass (behind the windshield) would screw up the signal? Will it pass through glass? Anyone else mount theres under simliar circumstances with any issues?


  2. That's where mine is. I use a velcro strip to holdit in place. No holes needed.

  3. LakeRaider

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    Heres a trick we use. Don,t drill anyholes. Stick it on with latex caulk. That way its moveable if you pick a bad spot. Also, I don,t suggest silicon caulk because its very difficult to remove from fiberglass. Raider
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    GREAT ideas...thanks guys. Less holes in something that floats, the better :D
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    Mine is also mounted behind the instruments under the windshield and it works fine. Check RAM mount if you are going to mount your GPS on the dash rather than in the dash. They have a GPS mounting bracket that has an antenna pad built in, so no holes or velcro or adhesive needed. I ran my wires under my dash so I drilled a small hole for the wire and used a single strip of 2-sided tape...even with the heat built up under the windshield, the tape glue has not failed or softened. ( I have a rough plastic console, not fiberglass)
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    Shake, mine is also located behind my windshield and works fine. I've never had a problem anywhere.
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