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Gotta Love the Union

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CPTN.CROWN, May 3, 2004.

  1. This is probably not the right place but here goes. I worked for AT&T for 8 years. When me and my ex split up my job got rough. Her old man is a manager there. I started dating a girl who worked there and they fired her. Then they were after me, took them almost a year, but Christmas Eve 2002, they fired me for a "Threat" i had apperantly made towards my boss. Since we were union i filed a grievance. This brought tough times on myself and family as we just had our baby, and dad had no job. My cousin owned a mortgage broker shop and gave me a job right away. Kind of tough going from salary, to 100% commission but we survived. I was supposed to have arbitration on May 11th, for wrongfull termination, and a list of other violations. See i was the perfect employee, 200% of quota monthly, never ever got in trouble till we split up. Well last week, the company decided they wanted to settle out of court. They opted to give me $8000.00, plus my $17,000 pension. I decided to settle with the bastards as best case i would get my job back from the arbitrator, and man do i not want to walk back in the door. How could someone who makes there own scheldue, got back to a 8-5 :confused: :confused: Wouldnt be able to leave when i want and go fishn. :D :D Anyway just wanted to vent a little, and say if it wasnt for unions people would get screweD, AND THANK THE UNION FOR A JOB WELL DONE!

    Now im off to looking for a Lund :cool:
  2. the sad part is you had to go thru all the bs...glad it came out ok

  3. JV1


    U.A.W. here and yes i love the union
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    Yea thats great, :cool: I remenber you telling me about that job (or loss of) 1 1/2 ago when we went Icefishing.
    I was in the UAW for about 16 years and Plant chairman for 10 of them. Great standard of living and working conditions. I now work in a non-union place and the big differance besides the pay and ins. is the rear end kissing and backstabing in hopes of getting a raise. There are 4 of us that do the same job,same job title and a pay differance of up to 13K between everyone. I'm the one on the high end so I'm the target of the cutthroats. I would love to find another UAW job just for the working conditions.
  5. Teamsters local 908 here, and I agree!!
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    I've heard pros and cons about them. If it works for you that's great, but I know some who don't view them so good. To each his own. Some I know are great. Some I know are not. My Dad was a 30 year and out with the UAW. I know he only worked 20 years of them 30. The plant closed in Norwood Ohio the year he retired. I have no idea how the unions are now, for this has been years ago, but we had hardships alot in those 30 years of strikes and wild cat strikes, and some of it was for silly things. But this is the new age and things no doubt have changed. CATKING