Got to love small blugills

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by peple of the perch, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. I had to drive by Walter best today, out in Geauga. So I thought I would get some gills for catfishing over the summer. I got there aroung 9 in the morning and went to the bridge. I got around 12 gills in the bucket when this big bass shows up. My next cast i hook into a 4 inch gill. Instantly a huge wake comes from the bass. my Bait starts to dart off and the chase was on. It kept trying to eat it but it was a little to big for it I guess. so i brought in the gill and tryed to get a smaller one. I was using bresd so i would get one hit then i would have to rebait. It took me 2 minuts before i was able to get another one. Meanwhile the bass has swam out of sight. So I start casting a 1 1/2" gill out into the weeds first cast nothing same with the second. Then the third cast as soon as i got it next to the weed line my gill takes off and the bass is darting after it. the gill eventually gets tangled in the weeds and it was over. Now i had on a nice 15 inch bass hooked with a size 14 ice jig. It was fun as heck. It kept on peeling my line out I got it in and it was one of the most colorful healthy bass I had ever seen. I also saw 2 huge snappers fighting. they were biting at eachothers faces with was weird.
  2. how is the fishing at the pond i've passed it a few times alotta bass? story!

  3. Well, it is very overgrown with weeds and the bass are hard to get with plastics the water is usually very clear. tons of super small gills too. But there are some big bass in there u just have to find them.