Got the trolling motor 4 my canoe

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  1. My question is the shaft is 36". This seems a little long for my needs. Is it possible to cut it down to maybe 26-30"? Im going to get it out and test it before any modifications! But it seem like my arm is gonna get sore as the handle would be alot higher than the mount. You guys that got em what are the lengths of your shafts? Oh its a 34lb motor guide. I figure the canoe will do 10 knots or so. :D Conisdering my 40lb would push the lund 3.5-4 and it weighed alot more than 60lbs.

    Thanks Guys! ;)
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    you can easily cut it and take out a section . you will have to cut the wires and or remove them from the head.the composite shaft can be cut with a saw or even a pipecutter.

  3. Cool thanks Freddy! Like I said i need to try it out before cutting. Dont want to ruin good trolling motor. ;)
  4. I believe they also make extension handles to attach to the existing handle which might work.
  5. The built the mount to position the trolling motor right where I wanted it. After playing with it the weekend I think that im not going to mess with it. There are only a few places we fish that is really really shallow. Most of the time we wont be using it. Just on the last stretch that is about 1.5 miles of deep water that we dont usually paddle thru cause we are wore out! Now we can concentrate on that water with out paddeling! :D Cant wait to get it on the water!
  6. Give it a try and if you think it is not what you want just let me know. I take returns for a small
  7. Im going to get it out friday. Ill stop by in the afternoon if you going to be home! Let me know!

  8. How did it do?...