Got tax return, need a vehicle..

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  1. I just figured it wouldnt hurt to put on here what Im looking for and see if anybody has or knows of one. Im looking for a ford ranger or chevy s10 type small truck with automatic trans. and 1996 or newer. Or Jeep cherokee 96 or newer , auto trans, with inline six engine ( no all wheel drive versions ). Possibly may consider chevy blazer , auto trans. Would consider full size 1/2 ton truck if its not a land yacht and has a 6 cylinder engine. 3,000.00 or less. I should eventually find one on craigslist but might find something quicker looking on here too. thanks
  2. sam kegg

    sam kegg

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    i have a 2001 gmc sonoma ext cab 3rd door 2wd, v6 4.3 auto dark blue 116.478 miles. 2nd owner, my dad was the first. 3000 obo/

  3. Sounds like what Im lookin for, any way you can send me a pic of it ?
  4. I guess it must already be sold since ya never got back to me about it,..oh well........still looking.
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    My wife has a 2000 Jeep Cherokee SE w/ 118K miles on it. She's wanting to sell it and take over my Jeep since I bought a truck. If we do decide to sell it, I'll let you know.