Got Shad? Looking for Hoover Info?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BassBlaster, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Is there anyplace in the Columbus area to buy some fresh or frozen shad. Misfit's latest post has inspired me to go searching for some cats. I don't have a cast net and probably don't have the abbility to use one if I did, so I'll need to buy them.

    Thinking of Hoover or Alum? What do ya think? I'm not familiar with Hoover at all but I never have any luck at Alum.
  2. seethe303

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    pretty sure the bait shop off of cheshire near alum creek has frozen shad. I would also guess that ye Olde Dutchman has some too.

  3. Is the Old Dutchmen a place near Hoover. I've never heard of it. I'm leaning toward Hoover if my buddy calls me back. I just don't wanna be on a lake I'm not familiar with by myself at night.

    If my buddy dosn't call me back, I may have an open seat. I would prefer someone that knows the lake and it can't be a fat guy. I have a little Pelican and it can only handle one fat guy and I get that seat!!
  4. misfit

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    blaster,yes that's the dutchman there in central college and they have frozen shad.
    btw,how often do you fish hoover in that little pelican?i see one putting around there now and then.las saturday morning was the last time.
  5. I have only been there a couple times. That was not me last week. I'm working on getting a new boat, hoping to have one by spring, then I plan to hit that lake hard and really learn it. My little Pelican is just so darn slow that I stay close the the ramp!!
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    Speaking of throw nets, if you wanna see something funny it was me trying to figure out how to "deploy" a 6' round net off a dock in central Florida last year. Its not anywhere as easy as its looks, or someone tells you"anyone can throw it!" yea, might be true, but only a few can make it open up correctly and bring in some bait, all I ever caught was plants and a few old people thinking I was on drugs or something. But man if you could get a few big shiners, you were set for bass city! Anyone use them for getting shad?
  7. misfit

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    that's how most guys get their shad.i have a small one,but haven't used it for a couple years cause i don't like wearing myself out before fishing:D
  8. Are old people good for bait?:)
    I use mine for Shad and my 12 year old has a small one and catches more than I do. He catches a lot of Shiners and Creek Chubs in the small creek near my house. Cats seem to love Creek chubs filets.:F
  9. i have a few cast nets of my own... i have a blast throwing them this time of year because the small fish seem to concentrate close to shore.. they really are easy to throw once you get the balance of the weights to your advantage. when i bought my first net i purchased a video on how to throw them and now im throwing perfect casts every time. if anyone needs bait im sure i could freeze some shad for you as long as i can find time around football and soon school :( i even set up a big 55 gallon aquarium every year with some of the young fish i catch. anything from bass and bluegill to perch and smallmouth.. its really awesome to just watch how different each species act