got out yesterday...went to 3 diffrent holes

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  1. well i got out early yesterday hit a creek down at my mothers house got 2 nice large mouth bass and a,i decided to try for creek chubs after about a hour i had enough to freeze and go fishing in saltfork....hit a small hole i like in the back water of the lake got one good hit on cut chub but the wife got 5 large bluegills and a 10 1/2 inch crappie on grub worms...then after leaving there at dark and getting some food in the belly i decided to go to sensca for awhile....tried cut shad and chub and the only thing the catfish was interrested in was the cut chub ending the night with 3 channel cats at about 2-3 pound apeace
  2. I've been out a few times in the last 10 day's. Trying for Crappie mostly -Just checking different spots. I've caught a bunch but mostly all small ones with a few keepers. I've heard of some nice messes caught from several guys or some big Crappie's but nothing real exciting yet. I don't think this weekend's weather will help. It depends on when and where your at i guess. A nother week of warm weather would sure have helped the action.

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    Nice post, flatties! Wife and I hit the midlake area at Salt Fork on weds. and didn't hit any shallow... should have been in the backwaters. All our fish were in deeper water. How deep was the crappie and the gills?
  4. I got out 2 times this past week. Fished the city res.on Tuesday for bass. Took a while to find what they wanted. Found them in 3-4ft.of water on a 3/8 and blue jig, with a Flippin stick next to wood. Had 7 bites and got 5 with the biggest being 4lb.3oz. Fished Salt Fork Wed.from the banks for Crappies and caught a bunch with nothing over 8in.
  5. we found the gills and crappie in about 4-5 foot of water.....standing on the bank!!!!but i made it out lastnight with my cousin,he got about a 5 pound carp on cut chub out a seneca and there was a guy there catching walleye even in that wind we had but the bit was very slow and far between