Got out on Hoover today

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bassman18, May 19, 2008.

  1. went out for some bass today on hoover and got 2 small largemouths about 10-11 inches in length....the fishin is really tough right now!! we tried almost the whole arsenal and finally got them on a deep running crank out in 15 ft of water

    does anyone have the info regarding the weekday night tourneys at hoover?

  2. yea me too, you got that right the fishing is tough right now. the wind was crazy on hoover today, there were even a few white caps out there. i manged prob 10-12 crappie all dinks in 2 hours and then blanked bass fishin for 2 more hours until i got tired of being on the trollin motor constantly and quit. have the crappies spawned yet? is it me or this crappie spring spawn being altered by the weekly cold fronts?
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    Several of the fish we caught last Thursday still had eggs in them. But, most of the ones we caught were in under 3' of water. I don't know a whole heck of a lot about Crappie, but with the end of this week looking warm... I would assume they'll be spawing out soon
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    Good question. I think its mixed right now. I definitely think there are some that have started and/or finished and some have yet to begin due to the weather. We should see some good fishin this weekend hopefully.
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    Weekly cold fronts? Are you in Texas? The jet stream trough that's hounded us for over 2 weeks has brought a new cold front in every other day. It sucks! Though, I believe starting tomorrow a ridge of high pressure will build in. Can you say stable weather conditions through the holiday weekend?


    And most crappies around here are not spawned out. Some, but not most. Look for them shallow this weekend boys and girls. Good luck!