Got my onboard charger........

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  1. Today I got my Minn Kota model #210 onboard charger. Now my question is where do I mount it? There really is no roominside where the batteries and gas tank is to mount it in there. Any ideas?
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    you're on your own there:D;)
    i know it's kinda tight quarters,but a friend of mine put one in his bass tracker last year.don't recall exactly where though.
    i'm sure someone on here has done it,and could help.

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    Same one I got - you won't be disappointed. The leads are pretty long and MK says you can mount it vertical or horizontal. Do you have any other nearby storage areas? Not sure if you can mount it upside down under the lid.? (You might wanna' read up on that.)

    *I wouldn't mount it out in the open though - too much risk of getting wet, and getting knocked around.
  4. I am pretty sure they make those completely waterproof. I have a Cabela's Pro Sport and it says 100% waterproof. That MK unit says waterproof. I am not sure but that sounds 100%. I know mine is mounted on the side wall on in my boat and it is totally exposed. It is perfectly fine there. In fact Bowkat, that may be a place to think about on yours. Mine is against the side with the wires pointed down and run under the floor. I have a velcro strap that is stuck to the sidewall and I can wrap the AC wire tightly out of the way as well.
  5. BKR did you have to add more wire length to make it reach the battery or is there enough wire the way it comes from the factory?
  6. If I have to add wire which I think I may have to do. Where can I get the wire from? Lowe's Home Depot?
  7. Yes I did have to add some to reach one of my batteries. I can't recall the gage of the wire but I believe it says in the manual what to use. If not make sure you at least as heavy as the wire on the original unit. And yes you can get the wire at any of your local stores. Also make sure that you purchase the shrink wrap connector kits to make the extensions. These have crimp-on connectors and also a tubing that you heat with a flame to make it shrink tight over the wire. This will give you the best and driest connection.
  8. Thanks alot bkr as well as everyone else for replying. I hooked the batteries up to the charger overnight and let them charge and this morning they are charged. I'm glad I bought this thing.
  9. You will love it once you are fully set up. It is so easy to pull up and plug in to the outlet and walk away until the next time.

    If your batteries are stored in a closed in space they do recommend giving them some ventilation. I have my front one under my floor and I just pop up the door to it when I plug in.
  10. I have a question. I have a three way charger with NO instructions-If you have two batteries hooked up to get 24 vts., how do you hook up the two sets of leads for the two trolling motor batteries? One set to each battery? Do you have to unhook the cross wires(to get 24 vts.) while charging? Or only one set to one of them?? This seems more complicated than it should be but I have to ask. Thx.
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    i think you will either have to isolate the batteries from one another to charge seperately,or get a 24 volt charger to charge together.
  12. misfit is right, ull have to either charge them separate or get a 24 volt dual battery charger or a charger with a switch from 12 to 24.
  13. hmmm. that seems to kill the idea of the convenience of these onboard chargers. this one is kick-ass, high quality(made for lunds), provides short order charging for three 12v. batteries. do you suppose most of those pros using 24 vt. high thrust motors, are doing this? they prob. have some type of switching system.
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    Just hook two of the banks up to each battery individually. I have a 3 bank charger hooked up to my electronics battery and both batteries for the 24 volt trolling motor. The trolling motor battery leads are hooked up with the batteries in series to get your 24 volts, but each battery is still 12 volts - the wire from the + post on one battery to the - post on the other battery will not effect the individual batteries when they are charging.

    Here is a link to the Minnkota FAQ page:
  15. Thanks, CW for that info. That helps me a lot and now I can leave everything as it should be. I have the 24 vt. 84 Lb. thrust Minn-Kota Great White and it pulls my 20 ft. alum. Fisher Hawk around like you would not believe. Only prob. is it's not foot controlled and must be steered but I have the handle extention.