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Got my mount back

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by walleye warrior, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. walleye warrior

    walleye warrior Clearfork Muskie Addict

    I got my mount back from the deer I killed during the 2003 season. Just thought that I would give everyone a look.

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  2. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    sweet man looks great.

  3. walleye warrior

    walleye warrior Clearfork Muskie Addict

    Thank you sir. I think I have the best taxidermist in Ohio. He is a little more expensive than your average guy working out of his garage but his work speaks for itself and he backs everything with a lifetime warranty. If anyone wants his info let me know.
  4. Have you scored that bad boy yet?
  5. walleye warrior

    walleye warrior Clearfork Muskie Addict

    Sorry guys this is the one from the 2002 season, with a score of 171. Got him in Morrow county, on private property. I have had him back for awhile now, just got around to posting the pic. It took a little longer than usual because the taxidermist is a friend of mine and he wanted to use this mount for shows. He also did the mount for his cost in materials in exchange for using it. His name is Casey and his shop is Lone Leaf Custom Taxidermy. It is in Morrow County just a little outside of Mansfield and only a few minutes off of I-71. The number is (419)362-1060. Trust me when I tell you He is the best.
  6. Doesn't look like the same buck to me but either way, its a dandy. The mount looks bigger than the picture of you with it in the field. It has been my experience that the picture looks bigger than the mount. I'd say whoever took the picture for you was clearly a amature photographer and I would never ever allow that person to photograph a trophy animal again.
  7. walleye warrior

    walleye warrior Clearfork Muskie Addict

    Wow, had my hunting buddy snap a photo with a disposable camera while we were in the field. I dont usually take a leica with a tripod into the woods with me. Those disposables always look like the photo is gonna be good and it always looks farther away. Trust me its the same deer. I wish I had TWO that size.
  8. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    Thats an awsome buck! Did you get him with a bow?
  9. sportsman05

    sportsman05 avid sportsman

  10. That's a stud alright! 171 as a main frame 8 point. WOW.
  11. Nice buck! What was the inside spread?
  12. sorry, but there is absolutely no way that 8 scores 171. i only know of 3 deer ever that scored like that as an 8 and this isnt one of them. Great deer trust me i would have busted it, but the brows in no way are going to be over 6 inches. now if it had 9-10 inch brows then you could count that as 5 inch brows and 5 inch g-4 like a 10. big spread for sure, 26 im guessing. looks like great mass. but still 171......a little too far fetched. now if we can get a name and see it in the books then i'll go for that. no matter what hes a shooter for sure. and NEVER hang a deer over top of a fire place. Dries them up faster than you can imagine.

    Deer with good spreads always look bigger on the ole 64 U. ;)

  13. Just because you don't know of them doesn't mean they don't exist. MANY 8 points have passed the 170 mark, with a select few passing 180. I have one in the lower 160's, but it's nothing all that special. Mine has better brows, but overall, walleye warrior's is bigger.
  14. M. Magis brings up a great point regarding the # of huge bucks out there -

    I know of a farmer in the Xenia area with 12-15 bucks that would net 150''-180+''. Not a single one of these deer has been mounted! He likes the "horns" as he calls them, but not enough to fork out $$$ for a mount????? They are all skull caps screwed into a barn rafter!

    I know of many other book bucks that have never & will never be scored - We all do. I have mine scored, but I do not pay the fee to register the deer with BBB club or P & Y. I just like to know for reference.

    I also agree that there are 8 pointers that pass the 170 mark, but IMO they are few and far between; the 180 mark has rarely been exceeded by an 8 point rack.

    Both the basic 8 pointers in my photo galary grossed > 160 with the more typical rack netting 158. Even knowing how hard it is to judge a rack by a picture I would buy 171 from that buck.

    That is a fantastic 8 pointer!
  15. MAYBE............big stretch here.......MAYBE gross.........definately not net.
    Like I said the 64 U really shows off a wide rack. Plus great idea taking pics from below. Surefire way to make them look bigger. If you look at the deer in the truck and then on the wall you can get some real good estimates on it. id say it would be lucky to hit the 160's gross. I'd still shoot it.

  16. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    don't know how i missed this when it was first of a buck.i'm no expert,but have seen eneough racks to know that could score 171.i wouldn't see any reason to lie about a few inches can be deceiving,and often are.they sometimes make things looker bigger or smaller than actual size.i try not to call someone on something unless i have proof,or it's so obvious that stevie wonder could tell by looking ;)
    in this case,i'll take it as stated,since i didn't witness the measuring firsthand.
  17. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    I also have to agree that could score 171 without a dought. I shot an 8 in 1989 that scored 165 and it wasn't much smaller than that one is. As it has been said unless you were there and saw it scored don't dought what he is telling us. Why would he have a reason to lie about that? It's on his wall not traveling around the state in a show. By the way that is a very nice buck Man. Be proud of it.
  18. it must be 171 i cant argue with you guys. so i must say.....see ya in the books man. congrats.

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