Got my brother out on Scioto last weekend

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  1. My brother made it down for his birthday for the third year in a row last weekend and so we made it out to chuck around some flies. I took him out on the Au Sable for a morning two years ago for his only other experience with a fly rod in hand and he caught a nice little brookie on a Hendrickson dry. This was his second time out with a long rod and within the first 10 casts landed this little you can see he could care less about the size. When I stop feeling like this on he inside everytime a fish decides to play then that is when I hang it up...this is what it is all about ;)


    By the way, he was fishing a blue over white Clouser and I was fishing an big obnoxious brown and tan streamer, and both did well. The trick seems to have been a slow bottom bouncing drift with small twitches every now and then.
  2. Tell him hey for me next time you talk - glad you got into some "fitchies"

  3. Sweet deal!!!

    I don't my arse from a hole in the ground when it comes to flyfishing, but I watched a couple dudes that other day produce some really nice fish.
    From the best I could tell, they were stripping large streamers. Actually, they were moving them pretty hard, like I've seen guys do for muskies.
  4. You know, it's funny...a lot of guys that switch over to fly toss small 'creek sized' streamers and then wonder why they catch creek sized fish. Very rarely do I throw any streamer uner 4"...usually they are more like 6". You will still catch the smaller guys, but it is large enough to really entice the hogs. I had my brother chucking a Clouser that was just over 4" and that is what this bass hit...they are not shy.